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Stay warm and stylish in Brumano’s winter collection

Sunsets come early in winters, and that means we have to take out our sweaters as quick as the sun sets in Karachi, while other cities of the country are so cold that you just cant function without winter wear. Brumano’s new winter collection offers clothing that in hues inspired by nature. With earthy shades of blue, green, grey and brown, this collection is the laid back fashion you’ve been waiting for!
The collection is for the man who likes to look sharp at work, and doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of his commitment. As it is said, first impression is the last impression, Brumano’s winter collection makes sure that with the right style and fit, you never go wrong.
Brumano has indeed become the first choice among men whose lifestyle includes neat and classy look at their work places and are always on the go for business meetings.  From Formal shirts to Winter jackets, we just can’t wait to see Brumano’s stores opening up in Karachi and other cities.


Pair their winter collection up with the basics from their store, and you’ve got a sure shot selection of outfits that will make not only your wardrobe stand out but you too, and for the right reasons.

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One point that we want to make here is about the flawless customer service that comes with shopping with Brumano. My friends who bought clothes from Brumano tell me that delivery is always on time and come with top quality packaging. And you even have 15 days time in case their is some size issue or feel like having it exchanged.

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Get the science of your skin right this winter!

They are many men and women who “want” to love winters but what happens to their skin in this season is nothing but a torture. My skin is oily, not much of a cry, but my sister and many close friends who have the most dry skin, all the potions and lotions fail on their faces and bodies. Their room might smell like a spa because of the endless application of all these fragrant creams but nothing helps.


Well I was handed over a basket of Physiogel products the day they launched their new range of products in a fancy event AND I had to gift it to my sister !!

Its been 2/3 days of her using the products and her verdict..”What a relief…Is this going to be one fantastic winter for me after a long long time”. But then let the real winter games begin in few days and I will have an another check with her and let you know through my twitter.

So then PHYSIOGEL !!

Physiogel launched the iconic brand in Pakistan this past week, where guests were introduced to the science they need for the skin they want. The event that took place at the Alliance Francaise, had a panel of experts namely; Dr. Rene Rust, Dr. Seema Hirji, leading celebrity Aisha Khan and beauty expert Saeeda Mandviwalla. The star studded event was attended by Zhalay Sarhadi, Zoe Viccaji, Rachel Viccaji, Sara Haider, Alishba Yousuf, Sonya Hussayn, me :p and the host of the evening Hira Hussain.

Senior Director Expert Science of GSK Consumer’s Global Skin Health Category, Dr. Rene Rust, started the event by talking about the unique science that goes into creating Physiogel and explained what makes the product so distinctive compared to other brands. He explained that Physiogel with its scientifically proven BioMimic TechnologyTM, works with the skin, to repair the moisture barrier, for stronger, healthier skin that is less dry and sensitive. It contains pure and gentle ingredients – no fragrances, no preservatives and no colorants.


Mr. Sohail Matin CEO GSK Consumer Healthcare Pakistan addressing the attendees said, “This new campaign launch is especially important because our goal is to spread awareness among all of the people who have been suffering with dry and sensitive skin. Our products are scientifically proven to provide solutions for the most dry & sensitive skin.”

Physiogel, the world’s first and only dry and sensitive skincare line, is now in Pakistan to offer the skin Pakistani woman would like to have. A range of environmental, internal or chemical causes, such as pollution, stress, harsh cosmetics or soaps, can trigger skin sensitivity which affects 1 in 2 women* of our country.

Gorgeous Aisha Khan talked about her own experiences in dealing with dry and sensitive skin.She informed the audience of how crazy dry, irritated and sensitive skin her skin was especially in winters. She talked about the frustration to not feel comfortable in her own skin.


She revealed that she has been using Physiogel since many years after being suggested by a dermatologist and she just cannot live without it now. A must have skin hydrating , keeping skin irritation away products for her

Dr. Seema Hirji, an expert dermatologist, directed the audience next. She took her experience of having practiced in Pakistan over the last 20 years and talked about how Pakistan’s environment causes skin damage which needs to be taken care of properly.

She stated, “Many times, because patients don’t know how to take care of their skin, they ignore the issue till it becomes a severe case like eczema or atopic dermatitis. Also hydration of the skin becomes important for appearance of the skin as dry skin is the starting sign for your skin’s aging process.”

Beauty expert, Saeeda Mandviwalla, has always recommended her clients to achieve the healthy glowing skin look they want, which is achieved through hydration through drinking water and of course moisturizing regularly. She added that, “Since Physiogel is a daily use product which is safe even for sensitive skin, it is ideal to use.”


Saeeda Mandviwala, Dr. Rene Rust, Aisha Khan, Seema Hijri


Saeeda also followed her speech with a short demo while emphasizing the use of Physiogel so that users can get a healthy, moisturized look, even during this dry weather.

The night came to an end with a power packed performance by upcoming star, Rachel Viccaji. After the performance, the host announced the opening of the Skin Bar where the attendees were given firsthand experience of the product and given guidelines on how to pamper their skin.

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Best of winter wear at NEXT

Winter’s one season in Karachi where one’s confused about what to wear. It’s cold, and at the same time, sometimes it feels like it’s just a permanent fall. Either way, the temperature does drop enough to want to make you want to step out in your layers (comfortably) and show off your winter boots, and that leather jacket. And here’s where NEXT comes in to help you look your best in winter.
This fall, the colors are earthy and that’s good. Think Military. Because it gives a versatility to simplicity. With NEXT, you don’t have to worry about any outfit for any occasion because they’ve got the style ready for everything from office wear to red carpet events, or just a fashionable lunch out with the fashion fraternity.
They’ve got the most amazing shirts you’d want. Flannel shirts in their store are simply worth owning for the fabric quality – soft, comfortable and the perfect fall patterns. Pair it up with denim and you’re good to go! Knit-wears are something to be focusing on here though. Simple ones, to chunky ones you can wear either with your shirts, or just the jumper alone. Slip on a pair of leather hi top boots to complete the look. And yes, NEXT has it all for you! From head to toe. They’ve got you covered for the winter, literally and metaphorically.

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But if you’re more of a simple person who wants something good and valuable for the office, NEXT offers just that with a variety of shirts, trousers, socks and footwear. Their brogues are not only perfect for work place, they’re the go-to shoe for everything.
So head out to the nearest NEXT store and know that that is the only place you need to head this fall to complete your shopping!


Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive ‘ 2016

Oh man! Fashion Weeks gets you all excited and stressed every time.fpw-winter-festive-16

Lets talk about the stress first:

What to wear .. Umairica is growing by leaps and bounds … well yes that too, but here I am talking about the kilograms that I have been gaining with every passing millisecond. Fitting into clothes and posing on red carpet and to not look fat while doing all that has become one hell of a task. Then there’s the time management, as there is a day job (from which bloggers like me earn their bread and butter), and studies to take care of too.


From L to R :Emraan Rajput, Amir Adnan and Arsalan Iqbal



Exciting things, though, totally outshine the stresses thankfully. The energy at the red carpet, pre fashion lunches (oops! not this time for Mr. Mirza), the rehearsals, socializing with your fashion friends in Lahore who fly in for FPW and then greeted by their hospitality when me and other Karachites are there for PSFW. Fashion indeed is still the best thing happening in Pakistan. Oh and of course the after-party! The perfect end to the 3 or 4 days of amazing-ness. Me and Lace & scotch literally debate on which city threw a better party this season and who pulls in the more fun crowd.


Haiya Bokhari of The News and Maliha Rehman of DAWN

Changing gears now..

Since the start of FPW, Fall/Winter installment of FPW has been transformed into Winter “Festive”, Pakistan literally has no Fashion Week platform where winter fashion can be presented. Probably we are the first in the world to accept the global warming and therefore its a “goodbye winter fashion”. What we have now on the Fashion calendar is 2 spring summer fashion weeks (FPW S/S and PSFW S/S) and 4 bridal weeks (BCW x 2 , PLBW and Winter Festive). Winter Festive we can still say stands out as we do get a glimpse of some pret and sexy non-bridals Like HSY’s ONYX, Maheen Karim, Amir Adnan etc.


DAY 01 – Finale Moment

Social Media Championship- Instagram is the KING!

There were times when Fashionistas used to go on a great fashion debate on twitter, taking their hearts out, creating controversies, ending controversies, tweeting fashion week’s every single moment. NO BODY “who mattesr” does it anymore.. Instagram is where we feel at home! The visual treat with captions letting you tell more than 140 characters is indeed the ultimate Fashion Week coverage platform. So yes, we need to rethink our wishes dreams of trending on twitter…its of no use, you can sell Sheikh Rasheed, CSR campaigns, new candy and Chai wala on twitter, true fashionistas have no interest there anymore.

I covered FPW Winter Festive on Instagram and thanks to some amazing apps, I myself love (Awww!) the videos that I am able to share with you guys. In case you missed them, here they are:

DAY 01 

#FPW2016 Designer @suffusebysanayasir showcases her lovey dovey bridalwear. ***

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Sobia Nazir is good at Lawn, my bhabi waits for her lawn. Lets just talk more lawn🙂 **

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @mona.imran's bridal wear is surely making soon to be brides run to her store! lovely clothes ***

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @maheenkarimofficial brings the blingy sexy on the runway! ***

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @amiradnandesign. I want it all, its that good. ****

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @hassanhsy gets the standing ovation because his collection was bold and black and oh so sexy ! ****

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

DAY 02 ( The day my phone cheated on me and couldn’t recover the videos of Natasha Kamal and FnkAsia)

#FPW2016 – Day 02 – Designer HEM's bridal collection was called "Golden Cage" …. how depressing.. **

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

DAY 03

#FPW2016 – Day 03 – Designer @rozinamunibofficial featuring #MukhtaranMai

A video posted by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

See you at the next Fashion week . bye bye

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Street Cricket goes all tech with ‘Pepsi Pinball Cricket’

With technology advancing every day, we are upgrading ourselves like anything. From latest gadgets to the upfront Fashion, From new lifestyles to latest innovations with food & beverages. Then why our games should be left behind. Pepsi has been setting its benchmarks and then breaking it and making another one, with their recent advertisement of Fawad Khan and Syra Shehroz they had already brought innovation to the food and more excitement. But who knew, something big is coming out too.

Pepsi has given new face to the street cricket by introducing technology in it. A normal pinball game has been given the new face when Pepsi used 3D projection on the field. The crickets haven’t been exposed to such kind of experience before, even I am quite intrigued to play this pinball match, although I haven’t played cricket in a decade now.

That music and 3D projections while playing cricket, Bang on, this is something super excited and all the cricket fans would agree that this is the best a cricket can get. Not only this, Introducing the cricket legend, Shoaib Malik is like soney py sohaga. Two good things for any Pakistani cricket fan just in one advertisement. Way to go Pepsi.

Looking forward to get this technology common or any chance somehow to play while using 3D projection technology. Till then, lets sip chill Pepsi and enjoy this advertisement.

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Inspiration Northern Pakistan – Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter Collection 2016 is here

Be sure to trust Gul Ahmed to adhere to their sense of desi-ness. This winter, Gul Ahmed takes us on a journey through the beautiful lands of Pakistan – taking inspiration from majestic places like the lake saif al malook to shogran valley. Thus, the collection being aptly titled “Pakistan ki Pehchan”


The A/W’16 Volume 1 features all kinds of fabric for all kinds of women all through Pakistan. Be it woven textured cotton or digital print designs, blended chiffon or digital satin and silk, Gul Ahmed’s got everything for the women of Pakistan and their tastes.


Women will be sure to stock up their wardrobes from the new collection as it features an array of colors, suitable for all kinds of occasions. They have everything from casual to formal wear, making sure the Gul Ahmed Woman is ready come winter, in style.


Be it a school girl, or an office-going woman, every woman will feel comfortable donning Gul Ahmed’s new collection throughout their day-to-day life. Dinners, meetings, tea-time with friends, you can count on Gul Ahmed to get your outfit ready. With palazzos and pants with lace trimmings, Gul Ahmed has taken care of every little detail for you to look your best.

Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter Collection 2016 provides the complete ensemble to every woman who is looking to give her style a boost this season. So head down to your nearest Gul Ahmed store and get your hands on the collection now. Or you can always visit .

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What you forget is Barber’s hygiene! 

Yes you freak out when somebody around you is sneezing, carry your own water bottle because you can’t trust on others water and sanitize your hands when done with driving your very own car.. But how how how can you not even raise an eyebrow when you are off to muhallay k konay wala barber shop where your barber’s razor can cause you diseases that ensure to TAKE YOUR LIFE !!


On 28th July, in association with World Hepatitis day – The Health Foundation launched a national campaign titled ‘Barber Hygiene’. The campaign is to serve as a Public Service Announcement which highlights the increasing risks of shaving with unhygienic and unsafe shaving products used at barber shops and men’s salons. The aim is to raise awareness of adverse health effects that are prevalent with the use of contaminated razors, shining light on how barbers lack certain knowledge regarding the dangers of re-using shaving equipment.

The Health Foundation is focused entirely on Hepatitis prevention and control in Pakistan, where every 12th person is suffering from either Hepatitis B or C. Pakistan also ranks 2nd highest in world prevalence for Hepatitis B & C. The growing effort by THF is rooted in facts that highlight how Hepatitis is the 8th biggest cause for deaths globally, every 30 seconds someone dies from Hepatitis in the Asia Pacific region, and the death rate from Hepatitis is 3 times more the HIV/ AIDS. THF’s mission is to change public attitude via educating how everyday males easily neglect the common hazards of unclean shaving equipment. Using anti-bacterial solutions and changing blades does not guarantee removal of Hepatitis germs, resulting in a single drop of contaminated blood causing infection.  As local health institutions lack resources to cater for such issues, THF has taken the initiative to enforce an attitude of self-consciousness within Pakistani males so they can exercise caution when getting a shave at barbers and men’s salons.

The Health Foundation will be conducting public walks & seminars to educate, on a national scale, about the root causes and effects of Hepatitis. One of the key causes for Hepatitis infection is unsafe/ unscreened blood transfusion where the tiniest drop of contaminated blood can spread the disease.  Similar to the re-using of needles & syringes, unsafe barber shaving can also lead to Hepatitis transmission. This is where barbers, not knowing the real risks, re-use the same blades, razor, towel & brushes on multiple people. More importantly, the risk of blood borne transmission is amplified by the lack of relevant knowledge that barbers and their clients possess and this multiplies the risk of infection.

Part of the program is to ultimately lead to reducing and preventing the risks of Hepatitis via educating barbers and consumers of these subtle but hazardous factors, whilst enforcing the avoidance of re-using unsterilized/ unsafe shaving equipment on multiple clients. Self-shaving is also a major driver of this avoidance from Hepatitis risks, allowing Pakistani males to be in control of their shaving equipment.

About The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation is an organization focused on prevention of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Pakistan. The Health Foundation aims to create awareness and promote healthy practices for management of various diseases in the general public, with an initial emphasis on Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C. Their goal is to educate the general public regarding the manifestations of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and their mode of acquisition, transmission and ways of prevention. THF also provides free treatment for non-affording poor and marginalized population.

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Grandeur at its best! Diva’ni Couture comes to Lahore

Chandni in 1989, Lamhe in 1991, DDLJ and Veer Zaara and so many more were such hits when these films came out that we all tried to emulate it on some level. Regardless of the power of love depicted that all the girls and boys wanted, there was something about the style of these films that inspired people so much so that it started this whole revolution of fashion wanting to emulate it.

Fake jewelry or real, everyone wanted what was in these film, for their weddings, or just to look good with a royal eastern aesthetic. Such was the power of film that it changed the dynamics of how the common man viewed style.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 9.45.46 AM.jpeg

Years later, the power of film is even stronger than it ever was. And keeping in mind how strong Bollywood’s influence is on the way we style our lives, and clothes, it is perfect timing for the launch of Diva’ni in Pakistan.
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 9.47.20 AM (6).jpeg
Diva’ni was introduced to India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films and KBSH Private Limited, one of the largest heritage fashion houses based out of New Delhi. It is a cinema inspired fashion brand that has finally launched in Pakistan in Lahore on MM Alam Road. Since there’s not a lot of a difference in the cultural esthetics and fashion, it made complete sense for it to have ventured across the border and launch in Pakistan. Pakistanis love Bollywood, and no doubt, they’re excited to be able to have a part of what it represents in their own lives.
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 9.47.20 AM (4).jpeg
The store, designed in regal architecture, has a luxurious appeal. The moment you set eyes on the grand entrance, you cannot help but be awed by how gorgeous it looks.
But the most exciting part comes when you step inside the store itself because it’s a sight to behold. A burst of colors and glamor, the store is a perfect symbol of what it aimed to be inspired from. The store embodies what it sells; cinematic grandeur.
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 9.47.20 AM (5).jpeg
Selling majorly luxury pret, it’s your one stop destination for getting the look for the wedding of your dreams. It’s a one stop shop for not only having to look like a mughal princess on your wedding, but feeling like one too. You just can’t resist.


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How to Choose School Bundle in Best Prices?

It is the Back-to-School time and the level of excitement and stress is pretty much the same for both the parents and the students.

Shopping for books and uniforms can be really stressful and costly at times. It takes time to master the art of creating the best bundle of all your essentials that also fits your budget.

But you know what? Your lucky stars worked and came up with the first ever Education E-store that lets you shop online from the comfort of your home for your kids’ new year of school.

How can you use this to your advantage? Here are some tricks you can use:

  • Buy a combo instead of buying separate items. You can find of that fits your requirement at
  • Recycle and recreate!
  • List down all the things you need and make a checklist by allocating a certain budget for each item.
  • Compare prices and value for your money!

All of this can turn out to be really helpful if you just organize yourself a little! Make a list, get your laptop and shop online with Yayvo! Stress free back-to-school shopping is a thing now!


*This is a sponsored post.


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Selfie game strong with new Infinix Hot S

Infinix Mobility have officially launched Hot S & Noise cancelling earphones in Pakistan on 28th July, 2016.

UMAIRICA was there at Marriott to attend the launch event and was accompanied by his fellow bloggers to experience the phone before anyone else. The Host of the event, Anoushey Ashraf was at her usual best. Another star of the evening was Mr. Andy Yan, Vice-president Infinix Mobility, who unveiled the products and also gave a presentation on the features of the new Hot S , XE 02 earphones and their very own Android User interface XOS.


With the launch of the new smartphone, Infinix has introduced many new features for the first time in the company’s history. The phone is equipped with some phenomenal camera features. It has an 8 mpx front cam, which is capable of taking super-duper wide 120 degree selfies as well as offering excellent low light photography.  Primary camera comes with a whopping 13 mpx camera. The company also listened to the customer feedback and added a fingerprint scanner to protect the data and privacy of the consumers. This feature was the most sought after by the Infinix fans since its launch in Pakistan last year. Hot S is by far the best looking phone by Infinix, thanks to its metallic body and minimal bezels. The Phone offers a 5.2 inch HD display coupled with a massive 3000 mAh battery which should last more than a day for an average user. Drawback somewhat though is the pixel density of the screen that stands at 263 ppi.


The company also introduced its new Android User Interface called XOS. Just like its predecessor (XUI) it offers power efficiency and at the same time buttery smooth user experience. XOS comes with some pretty sleek features such as Magic Movie. Now you can add filters to your videos and make them more interesting without the need of any video editing tool. Furthermore, XOS offering enhanced security by offering features like Xhide; this can help you to hide certain apps, contact, messages and other personal things that you do not want your friends & family to browse. Moreover, sharing content between Infinix phones is also made easy via Xshare, this feature does not require any network connection to work.


The next amazing highlight of the event was the noise-cancelling earphones (XE02); this is something which users were eagerly anticipating from Infinix since the rumors about hem first started circulating in Africa earlier this month. The earphones promises to block out the surrounding sounds with its noise-cancelling feature and help the user focus just on the music that he/she wants to hear. Ok so there was a competition and that alongwith others I won my self the XE 02 and it works phenomenal. I would recommend you to spend your eidi on it. For Rs. 2,999 , its actually a must have.

The noise-cancelling earphones utilize cutting edge noise canceling technology and high-performance automated noise reduction IC for 95% noise canceling efficiency. A single keystroke will filter out noise and purify sound for an intimately private world.


XE02 winners ;) 

110 dB SNR high definition audio and distinct gradation restores music like it was meant to be heard. Uncompromised music interpretation has led to the purity of XE02 Hi-Fi sound.


Bloggers Selfie

XE02 has an outstanding exterior that integrates bionic design and engineering. It is the perfect combination of art and technology. The metallic sheen of aviation aluminum alloy and the dazzling design of diamond textures emit surreal interstellar beauty. The noise canceling box features a unique 2.5D wraparound design. Other features include shark fin ear caps, oval in-ear buds, and an exterior with exquisite disc texture. These defining highlights make Infinix XE02 instantly recognizable. The red-green-yellow tri color LED indicator is both functional and aesthetically appealing; it helps distinguish headphone status between states such as noise canceling, charging, and insufficient power. On a full charge, XE02 can provide up to 10 hours of continuous usage and uninterrupted music.