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Honor, the leading smartphone e-brand, launched the latest and most powerful addition to its X-series line up – the Honor 8X.

The device was launched in Pakistan at a star studded event at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. The event featured the star Ambassadors for Honor 8X! The sibling duo Mehwish, Danish Hayat and renown fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Nusrat Hidayatullah and the amazing Irfan Junejo whose Youtube videos I love!!

At the competitive price point of PKR 35,999 in Pakistan, Honor 8X is a pivotal landmark in the series, extending the reputation of an exceptional value proposition that no flagship smartphone can match. With Honor 8X, customers get a top-end configuration of a 6.5-inch Notch, FullView Display with a 91% screen-to-body ration and chip-on-film (COF) technology along with a comprehensive list of top features.


Honor 8X key highlights include:
6.5” full-view display
128 GB internal storage
20 MP AI dual-lens rear camera with super night shot photography
3750mAh battery with Honor’s intelligent power – saving technology
New Kirin 710 chipsets (first ever in an Honor phone)

My favorite feature has to be the super night shot photography that this stunning looking phone has to offer. Its this feature that many of the top of line phones from other brands even fail. Dark, grainy and almost useless pics is what one has to deal with low light photography.


The new night shooting mode in Honor 8X, enabled by AI technology eliminates the blurring of photos when taking night shots under a maximum 6-second exposure, even with a shaky hand.

Another very important and ground breaking feature is that Honor 8X is also the first smartphone ever to come equipped with a new generation eye comfort mode certified by TüV Rheinland – a feature which can reduce blue light radiation emitted by the screen to prevent eye fatigue. And many of you now know why this all eye burn and fatigue is coming from ? Its your phone screen . Thanks Honor for addressing this very important issue with this feature

News is that Honor 8X is selling like hot cake in the market. You too can get it from your nearest retailers and on official website of Honor. 


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A ‘vocal’ review of the latest by J. Fragrances

The uber competitive clothing industry in Pakistan has seen the rise of retail giants for both stitched and unstitched suiting. Junaid Jamshed was able to create a niche for itself through its unique usage of visuals with well-thought aesthetics. It was not long after than the brand launched its own line of fragrances, which is now popular among the masses.

It was also a proud first for J. Fragrances when it collaborated with cricketing sensation Wasim Akram for its coveted 502 Fragrance.

Continuing the same zeal, the brand has recently collaborated with Pakistan’s leading game show host and silver screen star Fahad Mustafa for the launch of Vocal by J. Fragrances. The excitement around the launch is evident as the fragrance made its way on billboards and TV.

1 (1).jpg
The first thing anyone will notice about the perfume is its unique bottle shape: the vintage microphone gives off a silverfish glow and emits a sense of boldness and class with the very first look. And this shape alone inspires the beholder to be an outspoken and confident public speaker. The name, Vocal, gives off an air of fearlessness, of being someone who is not afraid to voice their opinions and choices in life. Fahad Mustafa is the perfect advocate for such a persona.
122.jpgThe fragrance was reviewed keeping in mind the price point, perfume notes and aesthetic value. The smell of the perfume is fresh and this trait is amplified with its main accords of bergamot, apple, lavender geranium, sandalwood and patchouli. It gives the wearer a sensation of serene vitality, and a boost of confidence. It is in short, an olfactory experience that is pleasant yet vividly remarkable at the same time.

In conclusion I would recommend you to buy this perfume, with its’s unique shape and sensual, virile smell – making this J. Fragrance definitely worth the money!


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Donuts meet icecream !

Dunkin Donuts is undeniably the donuts king in Pakistan. DD has been in the country for almost 2 decades now and is available at over 2 dozen locations and catering to our love for donuts like a BOSS!!

DD has something new in the menu now and I obviously had to try! As the title of my blogpost says its now icecream that you get with super fresh donuts. Ooooh

DD have introduced Donut Ala’ Mode and Iceburg desserts.

Donut Ala’ Mode comes with my personal favorite chocolate glazed donut right from the oven, topped with absolutely delicious vanilla ice cream and nutella drizzled all over.

Iceburg is an icecream sandwich with icecream scoop in the middle and topped with nutella!

Verdict: Except for the icecream scoop placement everything about both the two desserts are same. Ice cream flavor and nutella drizzle are present in both. Its just that the donuts are different in both.

My favorite of the two is Iceburg. Its like eating boston creme donut but the filling replaced with icecream. Loved the taste!! Meanwhile, I like my chocolate glazed donut separately only, so Donut Ala’ mode kinda fails to win my heart. People who are not that big of a fan of the chocolate glazed donut might actually fall in love with warma and cold Ala’ mode’s refreshing taste.

Price is only Rs. 200 and is served in a take away bowl making it as easy to eat as the regular donut. For the price and the taste, its a must dry dessert that DD has launched and I do recommed it to all! And people who take their donuts love super seriously, then ok !! You can skip it 😉

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Anything for Virality! Be it fake news

They will do anything to get viral, even create a fake issue just to get noticed. We see this happening now almost on daily basis. Brands vs brands, news channels vs news channels and what not! This latest one though to malign PIA was the most “fake” effort of making a viral fake news.

The waiting passengers of the flight from Skardu to Islamabad were lined up with their sleeves rolled up, shouting out their slogans that they will not stand for the VVIP culture and condemn the PIA flight that was delayed because they were showing their passengers the mountains, and making sure that someone is capturing the rebellion!! But people will not be fooled by condescending bashing of the national airline that was only concerned about its passengers and was delayed due to weather conditions. And ofcourse lest we forget, they wanted full refund and many many other compensations for their act of calling out the VVIP culture!!

PIA is one institution that everyone wants to associate with, just to get famous and they will do anything and will go to any lengths for that. The lady and her party were apparently revolting against the VIP culture that was apparently the reason for delay, without realising that the reason for delay was their own safety! But oh how will that piece of news make you viral and important, and give you your five minutes of fame. The PIA flight from Islamabad to Skardu was delayed due to weather conditions, and safety of the passengers was kept above and beyond any other consideration. However, people here in the picturw trying to ride the social media wave on the wings of PIA bashing did not care about the truth and while making sure the cameras were on her, led the chants of “shame” “shame”.

It is interesting to note, that every time PIA comes out with something positive and gets appreciated, a wave of negativity is triggered against it. Not sure why and who is doing it. Although the reference by the lady to “take your passengers to Raiwind” is a sure sign that the she was upto a political campaign and not a PMLN supporter. There surely is a concerted effort to sabotage the positive changes.

From the news we are reading, it does seem that the airline is trying to improve. Baby steps, but still steps in a positive direction. Yet, there is a force working against them.

For a change, we should all really try and get our five minutes of fame saying something positive of country!!

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Vital Signs returns to a Pepsi commercial and it’s absolutely heartwarming! #PepsiGenerations

Sometimes one can’t help but be transported back in time. It could be a certain smell, food, a song or just a vision. Nostalgia is a great way to feel good. Pepsi knows that very well, so they’ve given us one of the most Nostalgia -inducing ads ever!

With Fawad Khan time traveling through the 60’s to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the present, the ad gives us everything and takes us back in time. All it takes is one sip and we get to see the amazing cars from the 70’s and when Fawad goes to the 80’s dancing to the beat with Zoheb Hassan. Who knew Fawad could moonwalk! Craving a pepsi, he is then taken to the 90’s where Pakistan celebrates the glory of their world cup win from ’92. ‘Vital Signs’ makes a guest appearance and Waseem Akram is there to party with him, and as soon as he sips another can, he is greeted by none other than Reema! Time travel never looked more beautiful. Next sip and he is in the 2000’s with all of our favorite band, Kashmir!

From paying tribute to music throughout Pakistan’s history and taking along the faces of Pepsi through generations, Pepsi knows what Pakistan loves and is giving us just that; an advert loaded with our favorite moments, faces and tunes from History. This is what Pepsi symbolizes for us; transitioning from the past into the future and showing that we have come a long way and will continue to thrive as a society that gives its artists the love they deserve; and Pepsi is there to mediate just that.

In short, the ad is about our love for our nation, and how Pepsi brings us all together. Like in a school canteen with boys of all classes gathered and sharing their excitement, over a bottle of Pepsi; Pepsi brings our nation together.

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Talk To Meeno! First transgender bot makes it accessible for people to ask questions

First transgender bot makes it accessible for people to ask questions

Shortly after Asia Pacific Transgender Network launched #ChangeTheClap campaign directed towards the rights of the transgender community, a chatbot was launched. But it was no ordinary chatbot, intact it was the world’s first transgender bot, Meeno Jee.
Questions regarding the campaign, the different types of transgender people, and specific questions that popped up on Google search were all answered by Meeno Jee, one on one.


The bot was specifically designed to respond to individuals personally and had a lot of information to offer to educate people about the lives of transgender people.

Meeno Jee even replied to negative comments and harsh words with kindness in an attempt to inform people with the correct information about transgender people.

The trans-bot is a move in the right direction as it aims to educate people who are uninformed or lack the necessary knowledge to help make a difference by personalising the learning experience.

Kudos to Meeno Jee for the effort by calling out on people to take the first step, to simply #ChangeTheClap

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A Love Affair in a Foreign Land

Recently my friend’s company’s colleague from Turkey was in Karachi on a work trip. I joined them for a day for lunch and some city exploration. The guy told me that he has on and off did blogging and I was quick to ask him that if he can guest blog on UMAIRICA and share some of the best of Karachi he has experienced in last couple of weeks of his stay.

So here we go, read this guest article, and it seems very visible that he like any other Karachite has truly madly deeply fallen in love with my second home: Dolmen Mall Clifton. Enjoy reading…

Most love affairs are mundane. They involve two people with intertwined lives who usually have a happy ending. Little did I know that my happy ending would come at a shopping mall as I fell in love with a shopping festival. If you are wondering that I will say Dubai – then there’s another surprise. The shopping festival happened in Karachi, a city that faces worse traffic situations everyday – but boy was I pleasantly surprised with the vibrancy of the city!!!


I jetted-off to Karachi on a business trip that turned exciting as I dropped by Dolmen Mall Clifton. Located by the resplendent sea, the mall houses some of the biggest international and local brands. Lady luck was surely on my side as I made it just in time for the Dolmen Shopping Festival.


The mall being one of the hottest hangout places draws city folk from all corners. If you stand long enough in the main foyer, you may end up meeting all of Karachi… It was pretty amazing to see so much buzz, and such great discounts on almost every brand.

I loaded up with so much stuff that I ended up paying excess baggage at the airport. The brands that drew me the most were local fashion houses having delectable prints and handbags worth gawking.

Mirroring true international standards, Dolmen Mall houses some remarkable facilities that makes it an ideal place for shoppers and visitors alike. For starters, mothers can tend to their bawling babies at the Mother’s Room while you can find goodies for your loved one on the Cuddle Cart.

And the food is to die for. The mall offers a plethora of eateries that savour scrumptious cuisines from all over the world. From renowned brands to local restaurants, there’s something for everyone. I binged on waffles, and ate some lite snacks from Lals Patisserie for lunch… while opting for Pakistani cuisine from Zaoq at dinner.


The food court is masterfully crafted, with a splash of colour everywhere you see. Every inch of the place shines as the staff keeps it spick throughout the day!

But the mall is a lot more than just shopping and food. It is one of the most community-friendly and public-aware shopping malls that I have ever visited. With a special focus on human dignity, I noticed that the drivers who came to drop their owners had an air-conditioned waiting bay where they could watch TV.


From the looks of it, the mall also supports feminism as it has a special parking area reserved for females. More power to her!!! It serves its visitors with utmost care through the Dolmen Cares Campaign and has a Complaint Center to facilitate customers round the clock.

During special occasions, Dolmen Mall is the most sought after place as it is brimming with entertainment and activity. Major corporations carry out their promotions here and there is a race to have the most creative idea to attract eyeballs.

The mall has a holistic community engagement model which I am sure the others can also replicate. As for me, I gave my heart away to Dolmen Mall because it is an incredible place with a heart of its own.

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Let’s be part of Nestle EveryDay #KHAASWorldRecord

One cannot deny the significance of chai in our culture. From the moment we open our eyes to the moment we go to sleep, chai is that one thing that makes it all happen, our “ambrosia.” No home, office or restaurant is ever complete without chai. Of course there’s the age old doodh patti, but the flavor and karak-pan of mix chai is unmatched. It’s got its own distinct magic that has us craving it, all in a good way. When 85% of a country’s population prefers the mix chai, it’s very well understood that Mix Chai just might be the fuel of our nation!


Tapping into the magic of mix chai, NESTLÉ’s EVERYDAY is here to solidify our love for it by creating a Guinness World Record by using their new Khaas Mix Chai powder. Touted to be made the world’s largest sauce pan, EVERYDAY aims to make a record of creating the biggest serving of mix chai. Now if that’s not something that cements our love status for mix chai, I don’t know what is?


Our country’s very own heartthrob Fahad Mustafa is urging all Pakistanis to be a part of this amazing challenge. Now here’s how all of you people come in. If you want to preserve our status as the chai loving nation that we are, vote vote vote! Because every vote that comes in, the size of the sauce pan increases.  Do it over social media, or for those of us who have an aversion to social media but still love our chai karak, we can vote by giving missed calls on the number mentioned in the TV advert.

Speaking of the tv ad, have you seen it yet? It’s hilarious and will definitely pique your interest for the best. as a nation which thrives on chai, and has such a vibrant tea culture, the advert encapsulates the spirit of our love for chai very well. Of course, we all know that dhaabas have the best chai, but now, with EVERYDAY’S Mix Chai powder, we can have that experience at home. What better way to pay homage to our love than by setting up a world record about it and exclaim to the world that yes, we are mix chai lovers and we have a world record to prove it!

So here we are, wondering, will NESTLÉ EVRYDAY be able to hold on to our claim of being the mix chai loving nation or not? Let’s participate and show our passion for Mixed Chai.

Vote Now: You can also vote by sending a missed call at 90131!

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Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) on Jan 13th, 2018 revealed the much-awaited #BeMyGuest campaign video, featuring superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While the first video, which took YouTube by storm last year, featured Shah Rukh Khan surprising residents and visitors around Dubai, this year Shah Rukh Khan explores what he considers to be his second home and takes viewers on a fascinating, multi-faceted journey through the city of endless possibilities.

ZNA_1612 .jpg

Marking the first-ever collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and acclaimed Bollywood director Kabir Khan, the newly launched 2.0 #BeMyGuest portrays Shah Rukh Khan’s journey across a series of short films that see him taking visitors to Dubai through a multifaceted destination that holds global brand appeal in much the same way he does as an actor. Shah Rukh Khan reaches out to his legions of fans across the globe, and introduces them to the lives of four different characters, and how he personalises each of their experiences of Dubai by injecting the warmth and spirit of the city that resonate with him, yet each customised to the needs of every visitor. The stories allow audiences to explore Dubai and its variety and diversity of stunning tourist offerings, with SRK in his signature style leading them to create new memories and rekindle old ones in the city.

ZNA_2112 .jpg

The mini series with a hero compilation has been shot across picturesque and iconic locations in the city, including Dubai’s incredible range of theme parks – specifically covering LEGOLAND® Dubai and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai ( I love these parks); signature locations such as the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain and The Palace Downtown Dubai; and reveals secret treasures that showcase the stunning range of Dubai’s liberating land scapes, such as the mountainous Hatta region.

_ACP7031 .jpg

Shah Rukh Khan commented, “Last year I invited my fans around the world to “Be My Guest” while giving them a glimpse into my Dubai, as part of this exciting partnership with Dubai Tourism. This year, along with one of Bollywood’s most recognised directors, Kabir Khan, we’re taking that partnership further to exploring new places and attractions but with the signature essence of Dubai that truly makes it a place where every visitor can feel like they belong to even greater heights.  I love this amazing city and I’m really looking forward to once again sharing my experiences with my fans.”

ZNA_0680 .jpg

Conceptualised with the aim to strengthen the connection and cultural links between Dubai and the subcontinent, the video underlines the importance of the audiences from the subcontinent and the vast Diaspora as the top source markets for inbound and repeat visitation to the emirate. Dubai hopes to use this campaign to further drive first-time visits from the market bases, as well as increase the propensity of those that have visited to come more often by showcasing an ever evolving tourism proposition.

ZNA_0862 .jpg

Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai’s Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), says, “We are delighted to partner with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan once again for the new edition of this very special project, #BeMyGuest. There is no one quite like him – with his charisma, global appeal, and most importantly because he truly considers Dubai to be his second home and shares so many similarities with what Dubai stands for. Our video last year that saw Shah Rukh surprise and delight people in Dubai, garnered great response from across the world, but that was only the beginning of our journey.”

He continued: “This time around, we continue to celebrate this strong bond by capturing Shah Rukh Khan directly exploring the city and what it has to offer to audiences across different age groups and demographics. We are also very pleased to work with Mr. Kabir Khan for the first time, as he has brought to life Dubai’s extensive tourism proposition, while weaving in Shah Rukh’s unique relationship with the city. We look forward to sharing this series with our global audiences and the international dispora as well as the wider global fanbase of Shah Rukh Khan.”

To celebrate #BeMyGuest collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan, flydubai has a special offer for flights to Dubai.

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Mission V1! PIA has its engines revved to deliver a “wow-factor” to its customers

Pakistan International Airlines, the national market leader, aims to gain back its glory on the international realm. In this endeavor a clear road map till 2022 has been outlined in the recently launched Business Plan. With a turnaround of the airline promised in 18 months, work is in full gear to achieve the goals. This was announced by the CEO PIA, Dr. Musharaff Rasool Cyan at the bloggers meetup that took place on Dec 21st, 2017.

The meetup was organized by Mind Map Communications.


“I see PIA dominating the skies again! I see it clearly and I see it surely! And my confidence comes not from things we promise but things we have already delivered and are every day accomplishing to bring a positive change,” Dr. Musharaff stated as he discussed the present and future of Pakistan International Airlines.

Moving from a Bureaucracy to an Agile Business Enterprise

The global context of the airline industry in which the airline companies find themselves operating is evolving rapidly and has moved away from airlines being merely transport to a lifestyle. After all, travel is a life style. To become globally relevant, PIA is changing its business practices and has set clear set of targets till 2022: Increase the fleet from 36 to 43; Increase the revenue by almost 100%; move from an operating loss to an operating profit of 6 Billion; and increase direct networking points from 50 to 57 and virtual network to over 100. PIA also has set itself a new vision, a truly global profitable airline while being the pride of Pakistan, with customer centricity and excellence in everything as the guiding principles.


Spot me

Using the same customer centric inspired “Glocal” approach; PIA is changing its culture towards greater accountability, efficient human resource management, and enhanced focus on the reason for being in business, the customers. The airline is now embarking upon the most drastic transformation of its business model yet, shifting from a purely point to point model towards a Hybrid Hub and Spoke Model, to provide greater flexibility to the passengers through convenient connections, greater number of frequencies and attracting non ethnic international passengers as well via gateway of new Islamabad International Airport. This model is not just better to serve the customer, but also is much cost effective which will contribute towards airline’s sustained profitability. A strong attention is being given on creating efficiency and improving services, targeting Skytrax rating to 4 stars by 2022 from current 3 stars.

Gaining Velocity 1 (V1) Speed

V1 is the speed at which the aircraft reaches and the pilot commits to fly! It is the momentum just before taking off. Very aptly, this is the name of the first phase of the actions towards the Big Change.

“The engines are revved, we are on the runway and well on our way to gain maximum speed to take off. We are committed to fly to great heights,” remarked Dr Cyan, as he introduced the V1 initiative.

Understanding that importance of making changes in the shortest time, the V1 initiative outlines a road map for immediate improvements to ensure immediate drastic improvement in services. Over 40% of the activities have already been rolled out. The activities include cabin look enhancement; ground staff customer services and cabin crew refresher training; IT transformation for improved customer touch points and ease in interacting with PIA; focus on direct selling channels; new uniform for ground staff; new revenue accounting systems; Rebranding of PIA and increased digital footprint of PIA; and formulation of controls for revenue leakages.


This is how you do it! Christmas celebrations in the air

To date PIA has rolled out 7 refurbished aircrafts; human resource management has ensured a leaner machine with higher efficiency; trainings are underway in partnership with Qatar Airways; new designer ware uniforms have already put been in use with the cabin crew while other ground functions following soon. The digital footprint has enhanced to a point where third party analytics portals Melt-water and Quintly have rated the social media for PIA as number 1 amongst all Airlines in the world and number 1 in all categories in Pakistan. Recent Baby onboard and Christmas Festivities have gone viral and have achieved accolades from all corners of the world.

Customer Service touch points is also seeing improvements and increased engagement and interaction is being observed through SMS, Call Centre, App and Social Media Platforms. Rebranding of the aircrafts, the flying global billboards, is also underway with new fresher look and feel, contemporary but tied to our rich legacy and lineage.