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Eid Shopping at Gul Ahmed

What is that one time when everyone in Pakistan is shopping? Easy question right.. Yes it’s Eid-ul-fitr. And this is what it makes the most difficult task to do. You don’t want to twin with 10 women, wearing the exact jora and then giving you sleepless night of who wore it better.


Gul Ahmed is here to the rescue you from this torture.

For this Eid, which will be falling in a very hot month of June, Gul Ahmed is offering a phenomenal number of 50 eid festive prints, spoiling you for choice.


The Luxurious collection comes with embroidered silk, chiffon, linen and cotton silk three pieces unstitched fabrics. Dupattas also come with hand embroidery or there is an option to go for silky finish plain ones.


One other thing not to worry about when you are shopping from Gul Ahmed is the fabric and stitch quality which is the BEST.

Dear Women, while I will look for something at Gul Ahmed men’s, you know where you are shopping this Ramadan after reading this 🙂

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Stylish and Innovative! Huawei P10 and P10 plus launched in Pakistan

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. have launched the newest addition to their mobile phone roster, the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus.



The phone boasts a 5.5” screen with crystal IPS-NEO LCD, for a display of more than 2560 pixels, and weighs just about 165g.

The phone’s uniqueness lies in its capacity to take beautiful pictures; a feat that it accomplishes with a 20 MP camera complete with geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR and panorama features. Videos from the P10 camera can be recorded at an impressive 60 fps in 1080p quality.

Widely available now in an array of colours; dazzling blue, graphite black and prestige gold, it truly is Huawei’s BEST phone to date.

The press conference celebrating the Launch of the phone took place in Karachi on the 21st of April, 2017, and was attended by senior management of Huawei themselves along with media personnel. Country head Huawei Mr. Blueking, Marketing manager Cros Fan, Marketing manager, Salman Javed were all present.

Pictures from full of fun #huaweip10 celebrations. #huaweip10plus

A post shared by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

The event was followed up by the Huawei Launch Afterparty and the city’s glitterati showed up in full form to celebrate the occasion. Media, glamour, fashion, TV – the cream of the country’s industry was present for a great night of fun and jubilation.

Both events were a massive social media success, and #HuaweiP10/P10Plus has been trending nonstop since then. The events were both executed by the eponymous Frieha Altaf under the banner of Catwalk Events and Productions Pvt Ltd.

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Lux Style Awards 2016 – Fashion Category – Predictions

I have been predicting Lux Style Awards, Fashion Category winners since the times I have been blogging. Well I have been able to score somewhat good marks with my guesses waisay with 60% to 70% right answers :p,  Let see if I improve on the percentage this year. Chalo phir shuru karain.

Model of the Year (Female)

Amna Babar, Anam Malik, Rabia Butt, Sadaf Kanwal  & Zara Abid.


She is (somewhat) new and has me fall in love with her. Zara Abid has been part of some of the best shoots lately and oh she killed them all! And she inspires you to throw skin whitening creams in the dustbin. I know I might lose on this one but she should win.

Model of the Year (Male)

Aimal Khan, Hasnain Lehri, Jahan-e-Khalid, Shahzad Noor, Waleed Khalid.


Well it literally has been Shahzad Noor Vs Hasnain Lehri for past couple of years. They are like the Reema and Meera, Sri Devi and Madhuri, Deepika and Alia of the industry ! Equally good but one wins. I pick Hasnain Lehri as he and his photographers have been more experimental.

Best Fashion Photographer

Abdullah Haris, Ali Hasan, Guddu Shani, Nadir Feroz Khan & Maha Burney at NFK Photography, Shahbaz Shazi


Shahbaz Shazi! His photography makes your eye pop out and fall on the floor,

Best Hair and Make-up Artist

Natasha Khalid, Omayr Waqar, Saima Rashid Bargfred, Shammal Qureshi, Shazia Rashid


Omayr has Mahira, He wins! Waisay the best should win, even if she decides that she wont be taking anymore awards. Yes I mean NABILA.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

Coco by Zara Shahjahan, Generation, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Sapphire.


All are nice, Generation is nice and sexy and stands out! Generation is my winner.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret

Mahgul, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya, Shamaeel Ansari, Shehla Chatoor


Nobody does Luxury Pret better than Pakistanis and therefore its a tough tough category, but I have to pick one and I go with Mahgul.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Bridal

Ali Xeeshan, Elan, Faraz Manan, Mahgul, The House of Kamiar Rokni


Doing a toss between Elan and Faraz Manan.. Faraz Manan Wins! Brides of the world are crazy for him.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

Elan, Faraz Manan, Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor, Zara Shahjahan


I think Sana Safinaz is picking the trophy once again this year. Not just their prints were least busy but everyone says that their fabric quality is one of the best.

For 2017 btw, their should be an award not for the lawn but best Lawn “Campaign”. The brainstorming and money being spent on this awami fabric is mind boggling.

Best Menswear Designer

Ahmed Bham, Amir Adnan, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Ismail Farid, Nauman Arfeen.


I just fell In love with everything that HSY did in menswear at FPW and PSFW. He wins.

Best Emerging Talent

Aashna Khan – Photographer, Giti Ara – Model, Hira Shah – Model, Imaan Madani – Model, The Pinktree Company – Designer


The Simple-y Sexy The Pinktree Company wins by a margin here!  The other nominees (minus Aashna Khan) I feel it seems were picked in a rush to complete the number. Same is what I feel about this category too. Mix chaat and unnecessary.

Lux Style Awards are taking place this April and its a new team directing the show. All the best wishes to the team. And a standing ovation to Frieha Altaf, who has made the LSA’s the King Kong of classy and sexy and glamorous! Seriously nobody in the subcontinent has been able to showcase an awards show better than LSAs , matkas and jhatkas but no class !

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Its Comfy and Modern with N-DURE Shoes

Finding a right pair of shoe is one task that for me has turned out to be more difficult than shopping for clothes! And I feel that most of you are facing the same problem.  So many reasons for that.

What is most difficult for a person like me who has work in the morning , event in the evening and probably taking ammi out for grocery shopping or meeting khalas at night, NO I CANT change shoes all the time. So when I am shopping I look for something that is somewhere in between formal and casual and offers lots of comfort.

Servis have launched a brand new range of their N-DURE shoes and it feels like that yes! They have gotten it all so right.

N-DURE category is designed by Servis for the modern urban youth, Ndure combines style statements with comfort and offers products that are young at heart and reliable.


N-DURE now also have in the offering a new range of formal shoes that come withthe same comfort level that it is known for.


Best part is that prices are so affordable. When you are shopping N-Dure, you are buying a much better quality at a price half to what that fancy names brands might be offering.

Go check out their facebook page and website. Just in case you are not sure about which one to chose, You can always Tweet , facebook or instagram me and I can help you in deciding 🙂 See how nice I am 😀


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Just like Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day etc, there is a day for your oral health, which you don’t care much about but you should. The World Oral Health Day is celebrated on March 20th worldwide and thank God for Shield in Pakistan, that it does an extra effort every year on this day to let us know how important is the hygiene of our teeth is!


This year Shield took on board country’s top hospitals and offered free medical checkups on the World Oral Health Day. I myself visited one of the hospitals, where otherwise consultations charges would cost some hundreds but on that day not just that people were told about the dental issues that they were facing but took along free samples of Shield products. AWESOME!


Let me wear doctors coat for all my readers and tell you what you can end up with if you are one of those who don’t brush, floss, mouthwash your teeth everyday.

Lets just start on a lighter note:

Forget having a boyfriend or a girlfriend: You stinky mouth!

And now lets get serious:

1. YOU DIE !!. People with dental issues can actually end up having a heart stroke. There is a bacteria that takes birth in your mouth that is capable of clotting your arteries resulting in a heart attack or diseases. Brush before you are brushed!

2. YOU DIE!! This time of Cancer. The gum diseases can lead to kidneys, blood and pancreatic cancer. Now then ? !!

3. YOU DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT!! Because your teeth fall.

4. AND SO MUCH SEVERE MORE.. I am just shocked while doing research on this. You can end up having ulcer, pregnancy issues, erectile dysfunctions and even diabetics.

Guys, You need to #ShieldYourSmile, not just to have a perfect smile but to actually protect yourself from these craziest life threatening diseases.

Lastly, I can’t appreciate Shield enough for creating awareness among all. I’d suggest them that next year to visit workplaces. There are many unhealthy eaters with stressed lifestyles who just jump into bed as soon as they reach home after a tiring day and forget that they had to brush their teeth.

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Shopping Tech at during Pakistan Day celebrations came up with a tech sale of upto whopping 70% on this Pakistan Day. The reason to pick this category of products was to #UpgradingPakistan.Yes! Let me explain it to you with an example. If you have a great camera, you can definitely take a better picture of your beautiful country. I tell my friends and families when they are travelling to these amazing locations in Pakistan to take fine quality pictures or JUST DONT with fake pixel camera phones.


And from here is where my wishlist starts. Upgrading Pakistan with #YayvoTech sale by getting

1. A professional if not a good DSLR camera. Go for Canon ! And Yayvo has a good range of it. Buy it, charge the battery and go travelling.

Recommended:  Click here

2. A Tablet. Keep a tablet, insert a sim or connect to wifi and stay updated on what is happening around the world on the go. Upgrading yourself with the world of information!

Recommended: Click here

3. Fitness tracker bands. Upgrade yourself to upgrade Pakistan by taking healthy choices and these fitness tracker bands are a true motivator.

Recommended: Click here

Before I say bye, the #YayvoTech sale ends on 26th March. You get extra discount on selected bank cards and lots of saving if you shop using easypaisa services.

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Happening for the first time! International Comedians coming to Karachi for Stand-up Comedy

Yes we all love youtube-ing Amy Schumer, Ricky Gervais, Russell Peters, Kumail Nanjiani and many other international Stand-up comedy super stars who go on world tours but never come to Pakistan. Wish we could laugh out loud as crazy someday at some venue in Karachi.. Umair Stop!!! It’s happening IT REALLY IS HAPPENING! (OK No Amy or Ricky but some as good or maybe even better with ORIGINAL content are coming 😉 )


Comedy Masala (Singapore) have announced the launch of COMEDY MASALA INTERNATIONAL. The franchise will bring live international stand-up comedy to Pakistan, and will create history as Pakistan’s FIRST EVER regular international stand-up comedy shows, featuring comedians from North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Comedy Masala International will put on a series of shows throughout the year, and will expand to Lahore & Islamabad from Sept 2017 onwards.


As part of the launch series in February 2017, Comedy Masala will produce 6 shows, and will feature 3 comedians from the USA: Paul Ogata, Dwayne Perkins and Matt Davis. Comedy Masala founder & Pakistani comedian, Umar Rana, will be hosting all 6 shows. Further monthly shows are planned for April, June, July, August, September, October, November and December 2017, with each show featuring a different line up of international comedians.

Comedy Masala (Singapore) is currently Singapore’s biggest & most popular weekly stand-up comedy show, and was recently listed by Traveller.Com (Australia) as one of the world’s Top Ten comedy nights. Comedy Masala has been aired on popular TV channel, Comedy Central Asia. Comedy Masala is expanding to Pakistan with the aim to make Pakistan one of the world’s largest hubs for international comedians touring South & South East Asia. Comedy Masala’s vision is to bring the world’s best international stand-up comedians to Pakistan, and to launch a grass roots initiative, via weekly open mics and workshops, to develop and nurture a local stand-up comedy scene under the guidance of experienced comedians from across Asia, Europe, North America & Australia.

This historic venture is being led by Comedy Masala founder, Umar Rana, and Pakistani marketer, Aamir Habib.

Who is Umar Rana?

Umar is the founder of Comedy Masala. In July 2016, Umar made his television debut on “Comedy Central Asia presents Stand-up Asia!”, and in 2013 Umar was listed as one of the Top 10 comedians in Asia by Top 10 Magazine, Malaysia. He is a semi finalist in the Laugh Factory’s “Funniest Person in the World” competition. Umar has been doing comedy since 2001, in both improv and stand-up. He was one of the founding members of Black Fish, Pakistan’s first & highly acclaimed English Speaking Improv Comedy Troupe.

And Who is Aamir Habib?

Ok he is bringing in the money I guess. His profile is all about big brands and their marketing success stories.

Guys, is the website to get your hands on the passes or leave a comment and I’ll get you connected or this Facebook link.

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3rd Pond’s Miracle Journey. Celebrating stories of 100 miracle women from Pakistan

KARACHI: The 3rd Pond’s Miracle Journey gala, celebrated the miraculous stories of a 100 more Pakistani women, on Saturday evening at the grand Mohatta Palace. The 100 women being feted in 2016 were joined by the 220 from the first two years and together they formed a powerful group of high achieving professionals whose stories of struggle and strength is an inspiration for women everywhere.


A Miracle Woman is defined as one who is not only managing a professional career but also nurturing her family, running her home and meeting all of the many social obligations that make demands on her time. She is an expert in the fine art of the work-life balance, and she does all this with seamless ease and elegance. The Pond’s Miracle Journey has brought to the forefront such 100 women each year since 2014 and celebrated their miraculous journeys in both their personal and professional lives.

The movement started in 2014 by introducing the 10 Miracle Mentors who were tasked to select 10 other high achieving women who would be their Miracle Women. Each year since then 10 new mentors have selected 100 women each till by 2016 the 330 strong PMJ women stand proudly together.


Shazia Syed, Chairperson Unilever Pakistan Limited, outlined the way forward for the iconic movement, saying “I urge all women to join hands and encourage, empower and support each other to help materialise their dreams and ambition into reality. To enable them to succeed and create their destinies. Ponds’ Miracle Women are the beacons of light of a movement that shines across the country.”

The 10 Mentors who selected the 100 women this year were Aatiqa Lateef, Dr Fehmida Arif, Naheed Mashooqullah, Naila Alladin, Naz Khan, Ronak Lakhani, Safinaz Muneer, Samina Ibrahim, Sana Hashwani and Zeba Bakhtiar. Throughout 2016 the Mentors identified and selected the 100 women, their detailed inspiring stories were recorded and played out at the Mohatta Palace Gala.

“The Pond’s Miracle Journey is our small effort in celebrating these miraculous women,” says Fariyha Subhani, Director Home & Personal Care, Unilever Pakistan. “Going forward, our focus will be on the younger girl, who is starting out in her professional career so that she can truly benefit from the advice of our 330 leading Miracle women and mentors.”

The mentors for the last two years have been well known and women who have excelled in their area of influence. Anila Weldon, Atiqa Odho, Chef Shai, Maheen Kardar Ali, Rukaiya Adamjee, Saeeda Mandviwalla, Samina Peerzada, Shamaeel Ansari, Dr. Tasneem Nakhoda and Vaneeza Ahmed for 2014, and Hadiqa Kiyani, Dr Mehnaz Naveed Shah, Momina Duraid, Muniba Mazari, Nadia Hussain, Saba Hamid, Sameena Abbas, Shamain Faruque, Shehla Chatoor and Tahera Hassan for 2015.


The event was hosted by Sarmad Khoosat, the award winning writer and director of Manto and Humsafar, the evening celebrated the life of a Woman as she goes through the many stages of her life. Sarmad was a compelling presence on stage as he skillfully wove the story of how EveryWoman faces her struggles and triumphs. Artists Nimra Bucha, Samina Peerzada, Zeba Bakhtiar and NAPA performers contributed to Sarmad’s powerful story.

The finale for the grand evening was musical band Noori who delighted the crowd with their ever green Manwa Re and the years’ most soulful song Parachana Dey. The audience sang along and enjoyed the moment.


Please No! I don’t want to see this happening in 2017!

2016 saw some amazing fashion but hey! it was also a year when hideosity made quite a show too. And apart from silly fashion trends, Pakistani fashion industry has its very own “indigenous” issues and practices that may or may not be appreciated by people who run and love fashion.

Let’s read what made our fashionistas’ eyes bleed or what changes they would want to see for the betterment of our sweet and not-so-little-any-more fashion industry.

P.s.: The bracket crap is me .. hashtag > #JustForFun

Aamna Isani (Editor Instep)

Can we please not bring celebrities onto the catwalk ad nauseam! I’d like to see some dignity and sophistication return to fashion shows.


Andleeb Rana (COO at My Fashion Fix) 

Dying to see some originality in everything around us: be it events, personal style or even social media posts by bloggers and magazines. Everything and everyone is a xerox copy of each other. People, style and lifestyles have always inspired me….but I am so bored with everything around us. I miss being intellectually stimulated!


How Instagram looks lately!

Asma Chishty (Editor in Chief , Destinations)

Enough of the poorly tailored attempts at pouffy desi ballgowns on red carpets, just go all out with fab international designers! If that is not an option, embrace the East Meets West or simply Eastern glam which our designers have perfected! (haha, tacky was all out on red carpets in 2016)

Amir Adnan (Fashion Designer)

I don’t want to see RED grooms! Not in 2017 and not ever. I can only see brides as red.

Huma Adnan (Fashion Designer)

Men wearing women’s clothes was the most atrocious sight seen last year on red carpet and some shoots that were circulated. Terrible! (Indeed one of my favorite ugly moments from 2016)

Juju Haider (Head, Toni & Guy North Pakistan)

What I didn’t like in 2016 were the peplum shirts…the sleeves were ok


Kamiar Rokni (Fashion Designer)

I don’t want to see more plagiarism. Especially by well-known designers. (Not much left then 😀 ) 

Maliha Rehman (Journalist)

Fashion politics need to die out & the industry needs to focus more on editing fashion weeks so that content is improved. Also, the peplum needs to die out – immediately. (Politics is so much fun ..haye!)

Wardha Saleem (Fashion Designer)

What I don’t want to see is the same kind of clothes coming on the ramp with a different designer label. If you can’t think original and don’t have a distinct style don’t show. Do something else. (No Wardha doesn’t want you to start a blog or become an overnight stylist either!)

Sonya Battla (Fashion Designer)

Tulip shalwar (Ugliest thing ever indeed!)


If you want to share what made you cringe to the core, let me know through your comment please .

Pictures credits: Thank you google


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Eat Vegetables = Live Healthy

Whenever you think about any Pakistani Advertisement of Cooking oil or ghee, the only image you get to see is Fish and Chicken or Mutton or Beef dancing in oil. I was surfing the TV that day and got to see something not done before by these cooking oil makers ever before. Use of vegetables and only vegetables! And believe me, vegetables never looked this sexy, appealing and  tempting to me EVER. I am talking about Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking oil’s new TVC.

And it doesn’t end here, there is variety too. Not just cooking one dish of vegetable but they actually managed to pull off quite a few! Seeing the mix sabzi in the advertisement & I was hungry all at once, mix sabzi being my favorite has swiped me liked anything.

The best thing about Kashmir cooking oil is that it is putting health of its customers on priority especially by introducing its Canola and Premium Gold cooking oils. This not only is the introduction of the first oil which focuses on the healthy food options, that is vegetables, but also it preserves the taste of the food being cooked in it.

With fitness craze taking over the whole world (wake up Mirza!), everyone is looking for healthier replacements for their current dietary habits. Kashmir Cooking oils are considered to be one of the best replacements for your regular refined oil. Kashmir Banaspati and cooking oils includes a range of quality oils including Canola which is fast emerging as one of the healthiest options. Canola oil has the highest level of the plant sterols, mainly – beta sterol and campesterol.


Best thing about Kashmir Oil is that there are no artificial additives added in it, that’s the reason it is known as pure as the beauty of Kashmir and also it preserves the aroma of the food too. So that you can enjoy the taste with the serene aroma of it.  What are you waiting for now? Go and get Kashmir Oil, and start living the healthy lifestyle.