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Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) on Jan 13th, 2018 revealed the much-awaited #BeMyGuest campaign video, featuring superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While the first video, which took YouTube by storm last year, featured Shah Rukh Khan surprising residents and visitors around Dubai, this year Shah Rukh Khan explores what he considers to be his second home and takes viewers on a fascinating, multi-faceted journey through the city of endless possibilities.

ZNA_1612 .jpg

Marking the first-ever collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and acclaimed Bollywood director Kabir Khan, the newly launched 2.0 #BeMyGuest portrays Shah Rukh Khan’s journey across a series of short films that see him taking visitors to Dubai through a multifaceted destination that holds global brand appeal in much the same way he does as an actor. Shah Rukh Khan reaches out to his legions of fans across the globe, and introduces them to the lives of four different characters, and how he personalises each of their experiences of Dubai by injecting the warmth and spirit of the city that resonate with him, yet each customised to the needs of every visitor. The stories allow audiences to explore Dubai and its variety and diversity of stunning tourist offerings, with SRK in his signature style leading them to create new memories and rekindle old ones in the city.

ZNA_2112 .jpg

The mini series with a hero compilation has been shot across picturesque and iconic locations in the city, including Dubai’s incredible range of theme parks – specifically covering LEGOLAND® Dubai and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai ( I love these parks); signature locations such as the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain and The Palace Downtown Dubai; and reveals secret treasures that showcase the stunning range of Dubai’s liberating land scapes, such as the mountainous Hatta region.

_ACP7031 .jpg

Shah Rukh Khan commented, “Last year I invited my fans around the world to “Be My Guest” while giving them a glimpse into my Dubai, as part of this exciting partnership with Dubai Tourism. This year, along with one of Bollywood’s most recognised directors, Kabir Khan, we’re taking that partnership further to exploring new places and attractions but with the signature essence of Dubai that truly makes it a place where every visitor can feel like they belong to even greater heights.  I love this amazing city and I’m really looking forward to once again sharing my experiences with my fans.”

ZNA_0680 .jpg

Conceptualised with the aim to strengthen the connection and cultural links between Dubai and the subcontinent, the video underlines the importance of the audiences from the subcontinent and the vast Diaspora as the top source markets for inbound and repeat visitation to the emirate. Dubai hopes to use this campaign to further drive first-time visits from the market bases, as well as increase the propensity of those that have visited to come more often by showcasing an ever evolving tourism proposition.

ZNA_0862 .jpg

Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai’s Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), says, “We are delighted to partner with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan once again for the new edition of this very special project, #BeMyGuest. There is no one quite like him – with his charisma, global appeal, and most importantly because he truly considers Dubai to be his second home and shares so many similarities with what Dubai stands for. Our video last year that saw Shah Rukh surprise and delight people in Dubai, garnered great response from across the world, but that was only the beginning of our journey.”

He continued: “This time around, we continue to celebrate this strong bond by capturing Shah Rukh Khan directly exploring the city and what it has to offer to audiences across different age groups and demographics. We are also very pleased to work with Mr. Kabir Khan for the first time, as he has brought to life Dubai’s extensive tourism proposition, while weaving in Shah Rukh’s unique relationship with the city. We look forward to sharing this series with our global audiences and the international dispora as well as the wider global fanbase of Shah Rukh Khan.”

To celebrate #BeMyGuest collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan, flydubai has a special offer for flights to Dubai.


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Mission V1! PIA has its engines revved to deliver a “wow-factor” to its customers

Pakistan International Airlines, the national market leader, aims to gain back its glory on the international realm. In this endeavor a clear road map till 2022 has been outlined in the recently launched Business Plan. With a turnaround of the airline promised in 18 months, work is in full gear to achieve the goals. This was announced by the CEO PIA, Dr. Musharaff Rasool Cyan at the bloggers meetup that took place on Dec 21st, 2017.

The meetup was organized by Mind Map Communications.


“I see PIA dominating the skies again! I see it clearly and I see it surely! And my confidence comes not from things we promise but things we have already delivered and are every day accomplishing to bring a positive change,” Dr. Musharaff stated as he discussed the present and future of Pakistan International Airlines.

Moving from a Bureaucracy to an Agile Business Enterprise

The global context of the airline industry in which the airline companies find themselves operating is evolving rapidly and has moved away from airlines being merely transport to a lifestyle. After all, travel is a life style. To become globally relevant, PIA is changing its business practices and has set clear set of targets till 2022: Increase the fleet from 36 to 43; Increase the revenue by almost 100%; move from an operating loss to an operating profit of 6 Billion; and increase direct networking points from 50 to 57 and virtual network to over 100. PIA also has set itself a new vision, a truly global profitable airline while being the pride of Pakistan, with customer centricity and excellence in everything as the guiding principles.


Spot me

Using the same customer centric inspired “Glocal” approach; PIA is changing its culture towards greater accountability, efficient human resource management, and enhanced focus on the reason for being in business, the customers. The airline is now embarking upon the most drastic transformation of its business model yet, shifting from a purely point to point model towards a Hybrid Hub and Spoke Model, to provide greater flexibility to the passengers through convenient connections, greater number of frequencies and attracting non ethnic international passengers as well via gateway of new Islamabad International Airport. This model is not just better to serve the customer, but also is much cost effective which will contribute towards airline’s sustained profitability. A strong attention is being given on creating efficiency and improving services, targeting Skytrax rating to 4 stars by 2022 from current 3 stars.

Gaining Velocity 1 (V1) Speed

V1 is the speed at which the aircraft reaches and the pilot commits to fly! It is the momentum just before taking off. Very aptly, this is the name of the first phase of the actions towards the Big Change.

“The engines are revved, we are on the runway and well on our way to gain maximum speed to take off. We are committed to fly to great heights,” remarked Dr Cyan, as he introduced the V1 initiative.

Understanding that importance of making changes in the shortest time, the V1 initiative outlines a road map for immediate improvements to ensure immediate drastic improvement in services. Over 40% of the activities have already been rolled out. The activities include cabin look enhancement; ground staff customer services and cabin crew refresher training; IT transformation for improved customer touch points and ease in interacting with PIA; focus on direct selling channels; new uniform for ground staff; new revenue accounting systems; Rebranding of PIA and increased digital footprint of PIA; and formulation of controls for revenue leakages.


This is how you do it! Christmas celebrations in the air

To date PIA has rolled out 7 refurbished aircrafts; human resource management has ensured a leaner machine with higher efficiency; trainings are underway in partnership with Qatar Airways; new designer ware uniforms have already put been in use with the cabin crew while other ground functions following soon. The digital footprint has enhanced to a point where third party analytics portals Melt-water and Quintly have rated the social media for PIA as number 1 amongst all Airlines in the world and number 1 in all categories in Pakistan. Recent Baby onboard and Christmas Festivities have gone viral and have achieved accolades from all corners of the world.

Customer Service touch points is also seeing improvements and increased engagement and interaction is being observed through SMS, Call Centre, App and Social Media Platforms. Rebranding of the aircrafts, the flying global billboards, is also underway with new fresher look and feel, contemporary but tied to our rich legacy and lineage.

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Keep it stylish with Diner’s Winter Collection 2017

There shouldn’t be much to say about the popularity of DINER’S among the masses; it is that one brand people seek to shop at not just for its quality but style as well. DINER’S focus on providing its customers an array of stylistic options in contemporary menswear is what sets it apart from other brands. DINER’S’ new winter collection is just the collection for you this winter if you’re one of those men who don’t like the hassle that comes with shopping, DINER’S is the only store anyone needs.


Their new collection features earthy tones inspired by the rustic vibe of winter in Pakistan. With hints of brown and grey, DINER’S has experimented with color to give you options not just to wear to work, but to weddings as well, knowing that winter is the wedding season. Their sweaters are a must have just for the quality itself. They feel luxurious and are just what you need.


If you’re looking for dapper inspiration and need blazers and jackets, they even have those covered. From plaid to windowpane, they have all the fall patterns. Though their emphasis is on blue, it’s only because that is the color to wear this fall.


For the younger crowd, DINER’S has just the right jackets. Leather jackets in modern cuts to make your look more contemporary and cool, DINER’S has it all. My personal favorite though, would be their bomber jackets in all sorts of prints and shades. Since bomber jackets are all the rage, I think if you’re buying from DINER’S, it’s more like an investment into your style; the quality is what makes them stand out from the crowd. And they’ll surely help you stand out.

So there it is guys, all your winter style worries solved. DINER’S has, once again, come to save the day!

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Majestic Skardu like never seen before

We all love to travel and take photos. The most important thing in our travels is our smartphone, without which we cannot capture amazing memories!

Huawei recently took one of Pakistan’s favourite shutterbug Tapu Javeri to Skardu to conduct the country’s first-ever smartphone photoshoot. The results were breath-taking! Here we have shortlisted a host of images from the entire shoot to create a photo story that shows a never-seen-before sight of Skardu – all through the amazing lenses of the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro.


A friendly tea party caught in monochrome


A perfect contrast of colour against the landscape of Shigar Cold Desert


A perfect contrast of colour against the landscape of Shigar Cold Desert


Mahi looks ethereal in the candid shot at the Upper Kachura Lake


Autumn in Skardu is to die for!


Autumnal hues and misty air – this shoot sure looks dreamy! 


The vivid colours of the Upper Kachura Lake

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Winter Gears By Furor

Furor by Edenrobe, launched only this year, has become one of the favorites among men in Pakistan. Furor target market is youth; passionate and confident, they like to keep it trendy and stylish – and Furor lets you be that.WhatsApp Image 2017-11-03 at 12.58.45 PM (1).jpeg

Furor has recently come up with their Winter collection and I am absolutely in love with it! They have have such a wide range of collection they rightly call “Winter Gears.”

Furor Winter Gears boasts a large variety of men’s western clothes including shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, fleeces, jeans, chinos, jog pants, shoes, bags and other accessories. The jackets from the collection will be launched in the beginning of December.

Fahad Dandia, Director Operations Furor, while talking about the new collection said, “We believe in enabling and encouraging young men out there to pursue their passions and dreams. The Furor Man’s lifestyle says ‘I will be the best me I can, I will manifest this moment’ as it is experiences like these that define us all.”

Talking about the price point, its very affordable given the high quality of fabric and stitching. Check their website and you will get an idea.

I can’t wait to visit their new store opening at Ocean Mall and sort out my winter wear. I’m even more excited for the accessories that they have to offer as it’s so difficult to find winter appropriate shoes.

I will be instagramming my shopping. Use the hashtags #BeTheFurorMan #FurorWinterGears when you shop at Furor so I can see what you picked up! #BeTheFurorMan #FurorWinterGears


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Keep it adventurous because G-shock ain’t gonna break

So the sad story of our lives is that whichever phone or watch that we own, when it falls and if by any chance the screen survives from being cracked, be rest assured it will at least have 2 if not 3 internal issues. But I don’t know if you know this: If you own or plan to own of Casio’s G-shock watche, please note that this piece of super awesomeness on your wrist is the toughest watch on this planet!!!


I own one of G-shock watches now. Its model no. GA-110-LN and in color blue. I am in love with it. It’s very masculine, very durable ofcourse and best part is that it doesn’t compromise on style AT ALL! Sheer beauty it is. I am wearing it to gym, to work and at events and G-shock does steal the show.

The model that I own is water proof that too by depth of 200 meters (no but I don’t suggest you to go swimming wearing it :p). The watch lets you set 5 alarms for a day and Oh my God!! 29 time zones (including Karachi) is that you can view on the lcd screen of this watch. One feature could have been better was the backlight of this watch which is orange and very dated. The Led itself though is sexy blue and has that fluorescent glow effect.

Dear readers, if you are looking for a watch that lives with you for years and always look stylish, this is the brand you must opt for.


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J. Makeup & Fragrances comes forth with a Beauty Movement – #JdotBeautyActivity

In a fun-filled lively event J. introduced their range of silk cream as well as note cosmetics to the local beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Held at the Dolmen Mall Clifton and is on till 15th of October, here on it will move to Dolmen Mall Tariq Road and then Lucky One Mall. The launch of “J. Beauty Activity” was attended in great numbers by some of the biggest bloggers in Pakistan. Yes I was there 😀

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!_preview.jpeg

I personally was left quite impressed with the quality of the packaging. I took the opportunity of asking Pakistan Beauty Society group admins Rabiyah Tungekar and Maliha Rao about the quality of the products, and they told me that they are offering very fine products at  very competitive prices.

Beauty Bloggers Loving the J. Makeup Station_preview.jpeg

And talking about fragrances that Jdot is to offer. I as a user of their several perfumes can easily say that you get a A+ standard perfumes at prices less than half of international brands. My most favorite of all is the CORE and I highly recommend it you.

There is something for everyone and that to at 15percent off at J. station at Dolmen Mall Clifton and Tariq Road_preview.jpeg

In the rendezvous with J. makeup and fragrances, the bloggers and walk-in customers of the malls will be given free makeovers and hands on experience of the J. makeup and fragrances. Known for its high quality, premium products and great coverage foundations, high intensity highlighters, pigmented shades and stay on lip glosses and paints, J. makeup is  fast becoming a go to brand for the perfect everyday look.

Listen All: Catch #JdotBeautyActivity continues at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road from 18th to 22nd Oct. Don’t miss out on the amazing offers.


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Wasim Akram is the Brand Ambassador of Novo Nordisk’s #ChangingDiabetes

In line with its commitment to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, Novo Nordisk Pakistan has signed Wasim Akram as Brand Ambassador for Changing Diabetes® in the country. The launch of the campaign was marked at the signing ceremony held at a Press Conference in Karachi.

Rashed Rafique Butt General Manager Novo Nordisk with Wasim Akram Brand Ambassador during the MoU signing ceremony.JPGThe launch event talked about the lack of awareness among people which is one of the reasons that diabetes has become pandemic in Pakistan . If proper awareness drives are not conducted throughout Pakistan to educate people about diabetes, by 2040, Pakistan may have the eight highest population of diabetic patients. Such high prevalence calls for continued efforts to improve public awareness regarding the disease. Therefore,

”We are very much hopeful that this campaign will go a long way to control the increasing prevalence of diabetes in the country by creating awareness among masses”, said Rashed Rafique Butt, General Manager Novo Nordisk Pakistan.

He reiterated the need of awareness on the importance of a healthier lifestyle to curb the high prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan and shared his optimism. The Danish Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E Rolf Holmboe and Dr Abbas Raza, Consultant Endocrinologist / Diabetologist were also present at the occasion.

While signing the contract, Wasim Akram expressed his gratitude to Novo Nordisk Pakistan for the initiative by taking a lead to promote the importance of a healthier lifestyle which is critical for diabetes management.

“The public must however also plays their part by knowing the risk factors, leading healthy lifestyles and encouraging others to do so as well. As diabetes couldn’t defeat me, it cannot stop anyone from achieving their goals. Together, we can promote healthy communities and protect the future generations of Pakistan,” said Akram.Moiz Kazmi, Hasan Daudpota and Arsalan Hyder Shah with Team GAME.JPG

Wasim was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 31, but his condition didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most successful fast bowlers in cricketing history. His success, despite diabetes, makes him a major inspiration for people with diabetes and therefore, a perfect fit for the Novo Nordisk Pakistan’s patient outreach efforts. For the past many years, Novo Nordisk has been actively involved to increase diabetes awareness in the country, with stronger efforts each year. Changing Diabetes® is Novo Nordisk’s response to the global diabetes challenge. Under the newly launch campaign of Changing Diabetes® with Wasim Akram, Novo Nordisk Pakistan will run public service message to create disease awareness along with multiple public awareness programs.

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Two years after the Sparkling Couture: Infinity exhibition’s debut, Swarovski is preparing to host the second edition. Due to open on October 25, 2017, at the Madinat Arena in Dubai, it will be a dazzling celebration of couture.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-17 at 6.01.06 PM.jpeg

This year’s inspiration draws on the idea of the infinite possibilities for creativity and innovation afforded by crystals from Swarovski. More than 40 haute couturiers and 56 designers from 17 countries have so far been invited to participate, each chosen for their design excellence in segments such as jewelry, interiors, apparel (couture and modest wear), shoes and bags. Each designer will be presenting one piece created exclusively for the event, which highlights outstanding innovative use of Swarovski crystals.

Showcasing their work in each segment will be:

Accessories: Tchi Tchi, Bo Cou, and Dorsa.

Couture: Michael Cinco, Ezra, Dar Sara, Arushi, Lama Askari, Maria B, Zainab Chottani, Bunto Kazmi, Sania Maskatiya, Georges Hobeika, Elie Awad, Jean Louis Sabaji, No Fux Label, Zahra Pourfad, Reza Zarei, Masih Zad, Mitra Couture, Dar al Hanouf, Tarun Tahiliani, Shantanu & Nikhil, Hian Tjen, Finale Wedding Studio, VESTAL BY JUNG HYEJIN, WANG PEIYI, Rizalman,  WECOUTURE, Uno Kanda, Ophelia Crossland and DH Tissus.

Interiors: Sedar.

Jewelry: Vinita Michael, Confluence, Inaaya, Rema Taseer, Shadras and Valérie Valentine.

Modest Wear: Hanayen (UAE), Rizwan, Zumorrod, Bait Hanayen (KWT), Al Qattan, Bait Abaya Al Sharqiaa, Shafira and NH Prima. Scarves: JF Scarves, Beige, Diamo Dal, Ezma, Vintage Shades, Zu Uan and Bawal Exclusive. Shoes: Joy Shoes and Alexandre Birman.

Commenting on the exhibition, Andrew Mojica, Managing Director, Swarovski Middle East, said: “This year’s Sparkling Couture Infinity exhibition in Dubai will bring together Swarovski’s most exciting designer partners in a celebration of extraordinary creativity. Having seen the designs that will be unveiled, I’m sure that it will be an event to remember.”

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Desi Menswear at Almirah is the best

When I am at Dolmen Mall and have to pick something for eid or some khandan ka function, it is Almirah. Almirah is one brand that offers top notch quality, keeping it very classy (no fussy and over the top embroidery) and cuts that make you look really good.

Price point too is also great and is not a burden on pockets at all.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-01 at 4.44.05 PM.jpeg

For Bakra Eid, they introduced Wasim Akram collection and this made me to become the part of this #Almirah Festive Frenzy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-01 at 4.44.04 PM (1).jpeg

Wasim Akram’s collection color palette has earthy dark tones using finest fabrics and perfect construction of design. Perfect for you and maha perfect if you want to gift it to your father.77936e87-4b74-4601-9b8b-2223ae5216f3

I spent my Sunday checking out their collection and trying them out. You guys need to check out their Linen kurtas!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-01 at 4.44.04 PM.jpeg

If you ask me to recommend where to shop from this eid, it is Almirah!