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Let’s be part of Nestle EveryDay #KHAASWorldRecord

One cannot deny the significance of chai in our culture. From the moment we open our eyes to the moment we go to sleep, chai is that one thing that makes it all happen, our “ambrosia.” No home, office or restaurant is ever complete without chai. Of course there’s the age old doodh patti, but the flavor and karak-pan of mix chai is unmatched. It’s got its own distinct magic that has us craving it, all in a good way. When 85% of a country’s population prefers the mix chai, it’s very well understood that Mix Chai just might be the fuel of our nation!


Tapping into the magic of mix chai, NESTLÉ’s EVERYDAY is here to solidify our love for it by creating a Guinness World Record by using their new Khaas Mix Chai powder. Touted to be made the world’s largest sauce pan, EVERYDAY aims to make a record of creating the biggest serving of mix chai. Now if that’s not something that cements our love status for mix chai, I don’t know what is?


Our country’s very own heartthrob Fahad Mustafa is urging all Pakistanis to be a part of this amazing challenge. Now here’s how all of you people come in. If you want to preserve our status as the chai loving nation that we are, vote vote vote! Because every vote that comes in, the size of the sauce pan increases.  Do it over social media, or for those of us who have an aversion to social media but still love our chai karak, we can vote by giving missed calls on the number mentioned in the TV advert.

Speaking of the tv ad, have you seen it yet? It’s hilarious and will definitely pique your interest for the best. as a nation which thrives on chai, and has such a vibrant tea culture, the advert encapsulates the spirit of our love for chai very well. Of course, we all know that dhaabas have the best chai, but now, with EVERYDAY’S Mix Chai powder, we can have that experience at home. What better way to pay homage to our love than by setting up a world record about it and exclaim to the world that yes, we are mix chai lovers and we have a world record to prove it!

So here we are, wondering, will NESTLÉ EVRYDAY be able to hold on to our claim of being the mix chai loving nation or not? Let’s participate and show our passion for Mixed Chai.

Vote Now: You can also vote by sending a missed call at 90131!


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Three Leading Ladies Unveil New Lux Fragrance Soaps

Lux has unveiled the biggest celebration of beauty by bringing together three leading ladies of Pakistani cinema. From dreams to reality, from splendor to vitality, these ladies are an embodiment of gorgeousness – and Lux has managed to truly encapsulate their emotions in a wonderful ad.

The new fragrances Hypnotic Rose, Charming Magnolia and Elegant Gardenia come packed with the scent of fresh flowers – that will keep you radiating all day long. They are formulated to resonate with the individuality of Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane and Maya Ali.

The Hypnotic Rose is Mahira Khan’s favourite. Donning a red gown, she looks ravishing from start to finish. With her spellbinding aura, she adds the oomph that we have come to see in her persona lately. No one does red better than her, and it is evident in the advert. People will be thronging to feel the aroma of roses with this variant.

lux 1 sc

Mawra Hocane charms with her bubbly smile and viewers can feel the fleeting scent of magnolias with her appearance. As an ode to her feminine and delicate persona, she looks charismatic in pink while choosing Charming Magnolia as her beloved fragrance.

lux 3 sc

The ad has magnificently captured the ethereality of Maya Ali’s angelic looks. With her elegant poise, she wears white to emit purity that is synonymous with her favorite scent Elegant Gardenia. Her soulful personality amalgamates well with the ambiance of her shots, and she looks glamorous in them.

lux 2 sc

The ad is shot at the picturesque Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur and aptly compliments the royalty of the Queens that rule our hearts. It has all the signature Lux features like the fluttering drapes, flowing flower petals and mellifluous music. The production is crisp, and one can see the grandeur in scale as the ad progresses from Mahira to Mawra and Maya.

This one is a home run for Lux and viewers will surely remember it for years to come.

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Inspiration Northern Pakistan – Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter Collection 2016 is here

Be sure to trust Gul Ahmed to adhere to their sense of desi-ness. This winter, Gul Ahmed takes us on a journey through the beautiful lands of Pakistan – taking inspiration from majestic places like the lake saif al malook to shogran valley. Thus, the collection being aptly titled “Pakistan ki Pehchan”


The A/W’16 Volume 1 features all kinds of fabric for all kinds of women all through Pakistan. Be it woven textured cotton or digital print designs, blended chiffon or digital satin and silk, Gul Ahmed’s got everything for the women of Pakistan and their tastes.


Women will be sure to stock up their wardrobes from the new collection as it features an array of colors, suitable for all kinds of occasions. They have everything from casual to formal wear, making sure the Gul Ahmed Woman is ready come winter, in style.


Be it a school girl, or an office-going woman, every woman will feel comfortable donning Gul Ahmed’s new collection throughout their day-to-day life. Dinners, meetings, tea-time with friends, you can count on Gul Ahmed to get your outfit ready. With palazzos and pants with lace trimmings, Gul Ahmed has taken care of every little detail for you to look your best.

Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter Collection 2016 provides the complete ensemble to every woman who is looking to give her style a boost this season. So head down to your nearest Gul Ahmed store and get your hands on the collection now. Or you can always visit .

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Day 01 – Exclusive Review By Andleeb Rana – PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 –

UMAIRICA is in Lahore for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 (and a few more interesting things, details soon!) and requested the super amazing Andleeb Rana to record an exclusive review on Day 01 of #PSFW15. Here it is 🙂

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Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2014 – Emraan Rajput to present “ALPHA”

UMAIRICA has got hands on some exclusive pictures from the ALPHA collection by Emraan Rajput to be showcased at #FPWAW14.

Emraan Rajput is one of the very few menswear designers that we have in Pakistan, who is consistent and is actively showing around the world, particularly in middle east. We have loved his previous appearances at FPW, especially the fantastic Denimology collection which also won him the best collection of that season. UMAIRICA wishes Emraan all the best.


“Emraan Rajput is showcasing his collection titled ‘ALPHA’ at Fashion Pakistan Week F/W’14. Military inspired clothing is a classic concept that has been around for years. And, not surprisingly, the modern military inspired apparel has once again taken over the runways and is preparing to conquer closets everywhere.

Emraan Rajput took his inspiration to another level with his new collection named ‘ALPHA’; it is the first alphabet in Military Dictionary meaning the one who commands.

The collection is influenced by his research with modern esque pieces; the army green and brown prints, black linings covered a slew of tough-looking fall 2014 pieces, including coats, belted jackets, trousers and even hoodies.

From combat boots to military jackets, Emraan has rounded his favorite military-inspired pieces that everybody will try to get their hands on.”

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Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas. Episode 3: Interview with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin – HSY

Isn’t it that the most amazing of the outfits would just give a dry and incomplete look without some accessories add-ons. From kitschy rings to blingy watches,  swaggy bags to super sexy footwear and much more, one simply cannot (or BETTER not!!) take accessories for granted.

I asked some of the most prominent Fashion stars of the country, who never disappoint us when spotted on the red carpets, about their love for fashion accessories. These fashionistas wearing or carrying the most stylish and happening accessories are favorites of the style spotters and inspire us.  UMAIRICA asked them about their personal style when it comes to accessorizing, their likes / dislikes and much more.

Invicta watch and Alexander McQueen's bracelet

Invicta watch and Alexander McQueen’s bracelet

In this blogpost of Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas, UMAIRICA interviewed The HSY . Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is undeniably the most well known Pakistani fashion designer in the world. Pakistan loves him, Dubai loves him and so does the social media. His designs are as grand as his personality is. lately it seems no good fashion event in Pakistan is complete without HSY. His choreography skills are unmatchable. Be its FPW or PSFW or BCW or even Mens Fashion Week , He turns the runway into magic.

UMAIRICA is thankful to Hassan Sheheryar for answering below questions for the our very cool readers.

1- In one line how would you describe your personal style when it comes to accessorizing?

A: Minimalistic, Classic and Timeless.

2- How important for you is accessorizing an outfit?

A: I think its key, the right accessorize can make or break an outfit.

3-  Can accessorizing become a complicated process, more difficult to put together than the main outfit of the night?

A: I think style shouldn’t  be complicated, but must be well thought through! The accessorizing must complement the outfit correctly.

4- An essential accessory you never leave home without?

A: My Toy watch and my aviator sunglasses.


HSY is the Toy Watch ambassador in Pakistan

5- Would you wear accessories bought from Sunday Market?

A: Yes sure, If I find a one of a kind piece, I won’t miss it!

6- Your favorite accessory in your closet?

A: My Cartier bracelet given to me by my best friend a few years ago. Has great emotional attachment.

ooh the sunglasses

ooh the sunglasses

7- An accessory you have your eyes set on to buy?

A: Can wait to get my hand’s on the new leather boots from the Dolce & Gabbana  winter collection.

8- What was I thinking while buying that!!!! (An unfortunate accessory buy)

A: I bought a beautiful Fendi hat, it was very expensive, a real waste because I never wore it.

HSY in a travel mode .. all fashionably acceorized

HSY in a travel mode .. all fashionably accessorized

9- An accessory trend that you hate to the core ?

A: I can’t seem to make peace with the new statement necklaces, I think it distracts from the beauty of the outfit

10- Your favorite brand/s (International)?

A: Dolce and Gabbana, Armani , Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta.

11- You favorite brand/s (Local)?

A: I don’t have favorite’s, I think we all are doing our best to take the fashion industry forward.

12- The most over-rated accessory brand?

A: Miu Miu

13- A public figure who definitely knows how to accessorize?

A: I think Beyonce accessorizes well!

1 Comment – A Shopper’s Experience

 This experience has been shared with us by a first time shopper on

Stumbling across wasn’t accidental, I had heard of this growing online venture since the past year but had always been hesitant to peruse through the site, mainly due to my own misguided notions of e-commerce ventures in Pakistan. I was convinced that they were all scams and the products that they sell would be different than those advertised on the site.

My prejudice against online shopping only initially started to break when my wife ordered an EGO kurta for herself on and it came a couple of days later; beautifully packed, sealed, and with a 10% complimentary discount for being a first-time customer. However, I remained skeptical for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has always been my preference to use a credit card for all fashion and apparel shopping, as it racks up points which I can redeem, gives me surprise discounts, and I have the freedom of converting the payment into easy installments. E-commerce websites in Pakistan usually offer cash-on-delivery, and I wasn’t sure whether I could trust those who offered an online payment option. Furthermore, I require my clothes to be a certain fit and I reject those that do not meet my very stringent requirements. I was uncertain whether a purchase online would satisfy these conditions. However, the clinching factor behind my decision to try was that they offered a 7-day, unconditional return policy. If for whatever reason I was unsatisfied with my purchase, they would give me a full refund, no questions asked.

Ego On Daraz

The most striking and impressive part of the Daraz website is its incredible attention to detail, vast product and brand suite, as well as other convenient features like currency converter (for international customers), size charts, as well as SSL encryption for secure credit card purchases. I was simply blown away by the vast range of products available on the website (over 400 clothing brands alone), the easy to navigate menu, as well as the guarantee to ship to even the remotest areas of the country. All my fears about shopping online in Pakistan were quickly laid to rest, as this website was comparable to most international fashion websites that I had seen. I ended up purchasing a pair of Stoneage jeans, which arrived in pristine condition and fitted perfectly. Never again would I have to invest time, effort and resources to find my way to a mall. gave me everything I needed.

Men's Jeans on Daraz

I am also convinced that as delivery and payment methods become more sophisticated and ubiquitous, the largest players in the industry will develop scalable models to replicate the successes of online retailers like Amazon. Eventually, there will be no divide between rural and urban centers, in terms of consumer products, offerings, as well as reach and accessibility.

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LIFESTYLE and BABYSHOP – Now Open at Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall now is Islamabad’s ultimate hangout spot for shopaholics. All the coolest brands have opened up there and many are still opening. Even the food court has all the best restaurants. And people who love architecture, Centaurus is a “BEAUTY”.

Franchised in Pakistan by Al-Karam Group, the two major Middle East retail brands, LIFESTYLE and BABYSHOP opened their doors in the Centaurus Shopping Mall recently and Thursday 17th July was the Grand Launch. Well attended by who’ who of Islamabad’s social circle, it was a successful launch.

Talking about numbers, it is the 8th LIFESTYLE store in Pakistan and the 2nd in Islamabad. And there are 7 Babyshop stores in Pakistan and this is the first one in Islamabad.

Both the brands are a success story in Pakistan and one of a kind, making them must visit if you are to shop for kids or giving yourself and your home some stylish treatment.

Babyshop is a one-stop concept store for fashion and accessories not just for babies. Products available there cater kids from new born to 8 yrs old. Babyshop infact is the market leader in the children’s retail category specializing in fashion clothing, baby basics, toys, nursery furniture and more.

LIFESTYLE is love. It’s a must visit store for me even if I have no plans to shop. It’s such a stylish place to be at.

LIFESTYLE houses home décor, furnishing and fashion accessories at incredible prices. You will find quality fragrances, lightings, bath décor, and teen gifts related items as well. Lifestyle in Pakistan is the only brand of its kind offering the complete luxury home solution.

So the news apart from the two stores opening in Centaurus is that, Babyshop has launched its chic Ramadan collection featuring dressy party essentials that also ensure that kids stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.  So the mommies in Islamabad! Do visit. And it’s the perfect time to add in some new beautiful vase in your drawing room to impress the guests coming over to your place this eid. I am taking my Ammi, like every year, for some eid gifts for relatives.

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Of Ramadan and Family – Pepsi TVC is heart touching

Pepsi’s Ramadan TVC is beautiful.  The very first time I saw it, I couldn’t resist tweeting about how good and apt it was in today’s times.  I, who mostly iftars with family and don’t remember when was the last time I did an Iftar without family, Haseeb Sultan in contrast has missed out on many a times feasting with his family,was touched by Pepsi TVC.

I asked him to why not share his heart out in a blogpost and he agreed.

10487232_10152218996507496_1451226021644580297_n (1)Haseeb Sultan is a blogger at THAT PAKI BLOG .  Considered as one of the best Fashion bloggers in Pakistan by Sunday Times , Haseeb is a sweet heart friend and a published poet who loves reading, writing, music and of course fashion.

Here we go, a very first guest post of Sultan Abdul Haseeb on UMAIRCA

“I think it is only natural that as you grow, you grow apart from your family. Yet that special bond never breaks. We make new friends, enter new relationships, and form new ties, yet the ties we were born into; they are the closest to our hearts, and the most treasured ones. Family is always going to come first, and we all know that. It’s just that it is different that with the passage of time, priorities take over life and we are left wondering if we drifted apart, or not?

The truth is, we don’t drift apart. It is only that we don’t see that some people in our lives are always there, no matter what!


Something like this clicked into my mind when I saw the latest TVC of Pepsi. It’s about a boy who goes out with his friends for iftar, when he stumbles upon a kid’s first roza being celebrated that he remembers his, where all his family celebrated it for him. As he misses his family, he goes to get a Pepsi for his family, and also gets a pack of Lays, because some things are just good together. And rushes back to his family with Pepsi there in his hands, and enters his home, knowing that he should be with them at that moment. Because some things are just good together, and like Lays and Pepsi, him and his family; with Pepsi as a medium of connection, a medium of memories, and a medium of emotions.

The commercial actually brought tears to my eyes.

You see, it’s little moments like these that we overlook how important the littlest things are in them. We have engagements, graduation parties, first pay check celebrations, marriages, and we don’t see how these memories and times are connected together with each other thanks to our littlest details; Pepsi. Pepsi connects us all, whether we see it or not. Some things just go hand in hand, and Pepsi does that with our celebrations.


So no matter where we go, how much we change, how many dreams we chase, and how many destinations we reach, we will always find out way back home, knowing our family awaits, and knowing happy memories are to be made; and Pepsi will always be there to remind us we have that connection, that somebody is there, and the love is still the same – just like our love for Pepsi and Lays!”


Pepsi and Lays bring Football fever to Pakistan

Unlike the other beverage, this summer in Pakistan, Pepsi has truly brought in the football fever for its fans!

Pepsi Co. realizing that football is not so far behind in popularity as cricket is in Pakistan, have come up with a fun TVC and truly brilliant limited edition Pepsi cans.


Pepsi has never disappointed its cricket fans in Pakistan when it comes to celebrating the game. Pepsi’s campaigns and special edition bottles have always been our favorite. Cricket actually looks boring without Pepsi. We all wait for the ad campaigns featuring Pakistani cricket stars and Pepsi as I said earlier never disappoints.

Football many may think may not be as popular in Pakistan .. but the amount of buzz and excitement I see during the football fever.. It has to be the second most popular game in Pakistan, beating our national game Hockey behind. Pakistanis might know Hockey player Sohail Abbass’s name and that’s it but when comes to Football, I bet they know all 😀 . And when it comes to Lionel Messi, He is a super star! A super star of sports loving fans here, as much he is in Argentina or anywhere in the world.

Pepsi’s TVC features Messi and has become an instant hit with the people. Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of this generation, can be seen munching on a big bag of Lays and having a chilled can of Pepsi.

The coolest thing for me though is the limited edition Pepsi Cans.


Pepsi Pakistan has also introduced their limited edition cans, available at different outlets across the country. These cans feature some of the top footballing names of today, like Lionel Messi and the Flying Dutchman himself, Robin Van Persie.


Van Persie has lately been busy with scoring match winning goals in most important of football contests, is already the social media sensation and all the more reason to grab Pepsi can featuring him.

Congratulations then to Pepsi and Lays for being very cool and smart with their campaigns. I know my football fanatic friends who are especially stocking up the Limited edition Pepsi cans and Lays for the matches. I have seen almost a dozen tweets and instagram posts of people sharing pics of their limited edition cans, while the beverage in red… really where are you dude ?!

Oh wow! And now a free packet of lays chips with 1.5L or two 500ml Pepsi Pet bottles! DAMN! 😉 Perfect Match