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Wedding Goals!! #McFairyTale at McDonalds

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Have you ever wondered what you will do right after your wedding? While you may think of all the funny and steamy ideas, one bride had it planned right down to the letter. Munawal Jawed had a dream, which her groom merrily fulfilled as soon as they had said Qabool Hai.

You may love McDonald’s but not quite enthusiastically as Munawal – who had dreamt of savouring their treats on her wedding day. Her husband Zubair chimed in and gave her the perfect wedding gift.


Donning their wedding clothes and looking ecstatic, the couple jetted to the nearest McDonald’s. The staff was taken by surprise to see a newlywed couple heading their way.

This prompted the brand to share the story on their Facebook page and give everyone some serious competition for their couple goals. The bride also shared the interesting wedding anecdote on her Facebook profile – thus garnering praise and envy from couples across Pakistan.

The wedding ended in a perfect McFairytale and will be remembered by everyone for many years to come.


Author: umairhmirza


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