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Finally, Our Favorite Celebs are Switched On!

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Last week, our beloved celebrities were switching off. Their hectic routines had caught up to them, and they felt drained off all the energy and inspiration that kept them going all this time.

People scrambled to find answers as one after the other celeb turned themselves off. It felt like an epidemic waiting to unleash its fury. They wanted to see more of Ali Xeeshan’s designs, and Feroze Khan’s workouts. Snapchatters longed for Mehreen Syed’s snaps and Anoushey’s followers were waiting to hear the next travel story.

When it seemed like all of that was now over and they may not get to see their energetic stars going on about their upbeat routines, Sting entered the fray to save the day!

Sting decided to power them back on, to let people savor their passionate lives. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when celebrities Switched On and started doling out inspiration to their followers.

Anoushey Insta.jpeg

Mehreen Syed, Feroze Khan, Ayesha Omar, Mehwish Hayat, Anoushey Ashraf, Hina Altaf, Shazia Naz, Khalid Malik and Minal Khan powered up and got back to their daily routines. Anoushey Ashraf posted an image of herself with the caption: “Coming up with great ideas once more #LifeKaSwitchOn” while the energetic Hina posted a boomerang of herself with a caption saying: “Actually, I’m all up for interviews because why not? Celebrate your passions! #LifeKaSwitchOn”.

Feroze Insta.jpeg

The fitness junkie Feroze Khan got back on track as he posted an incredible picture of himself in the gym with a caption saying: “Bench pressing with twice the weight #LifeKaSwitchOn” and also the snapchat queen Mehreen Syed posted a boomerang with the caption saying: “Fully charged and back in the game #LifeKaSwitchOn”.

Ayesha FB.jpeg

Everyone’s favorite Mehwish Hayat and Ayesha Omar also posted their pictures with captions saying: “Running every morning at full speed ahead! #LifeKaSwitchOn” and “Back in action and ready to fully celebrate the summer!#LifeKaSwitchOn”.

Mehwish Twitter.jpeg

This was all part of an electrifying marketing campaign by Sting titled #LifeKaSwitchOn as it excites you to pursue your passions – day in and day out!


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