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What Will “Boost” the Pakistan Entertainment Industry?

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The mad work routines have finally caught up to our celebrities. The long hours, incessant recordings, demanding photo-shoots, all have taken a toll on their lives. This is why they are planning to switch off and get a mental uplift from the daily grind.

Anoushey Ashraf Status Instagram

Social media is abuzz as one celeb after another is switching off. Anoushey Ashraf is unable to think clearly, while Mehreen Syed is done with her phone. The lack of creativity has Ali Xeeshan looking for a breather while Feroze Khan is running out of energy for his workouts. Mehwish Hayat has also chimed as she is quitting her morning jog routine.

Feroze Khan Status Facebook

All of this has people wondering whether their favourite celebs are done for good? Is this just a phase where they are struggling to get their groove back on, or are they switching-off to switch on more organized?

Mehwish Hayat Status Twitter

The one thing that they all need is a smacking jolt of energy. A power boost that not only re energizes their brains and but also inspires them to achieve more… but what can switch them back on? may be a gulp of Sting? Guess everyone’s gotta wait to find the answer…


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