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Surf Excel spreading goodness with #NekiIkIbadat Campaign

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Waking up for sehri is not an easy task. Even when they do wake up, most people are not in their best mood at the time. Kids especially, are grumpy and head straight towards the food. However, when good is instilled in the nature, then doing good to others becomes easy. This is the message Surf Excel’s Ramadan 2017 campaign #nekiekibadat advert conveyed.
The young boy, when wakened by his mother, instead of focusing on his own food, becomes concerned about his neighbor and crosses a whole lot of dirty obstacles to check up on him. The ad basically says that on the path of goodness lay challenges that might hurt or deter us – symbolized visually as the locked gate, high walls, and mud – but when we are determined to stay on the right path, then nothing can stop us. The kid, knowing that the neighbor has a hearing disability and hasn’t been able to wake up on the sound of the alarm, goes under the gate and over the hedges just so the neighbor does not miss out on his sehri. Knowing that time is little, he takes along food too. 

Putting others before self is the epitome of goodness. It is tough and comes with a lot of hurdles, but when followed makes the world a better place. Following our inherent goodness and teaching our younger generation to do the same is what the ad inspires.
The music and the lyrics are truly heart touching and add to the experience of watching the ad. I had goosebumps while watching it till the end. It is that good.

Let’s commend Surf Excel for reminding us to be good, kind and generous with our deeds. Knowing that reall neki is an ibadat, we should try to be good to others whenever and wherever we can.

The campaign was further extended in its goodness with the inclusion of a clothes donation drive in collaboration with Akhuwat, Karachi Relief Trust and M&P. The drive worked with people dropping off their clothes to the nearest M&P outlet or calling on 90131 to have an M&P representative collect the clothes from their homes. Many celebrities like Wasim Badami, Tooba Siddique, Sarwat Gillani and Shaista Lodhi praised and appreciated the effort to spread awareness and encouraged people to donate.


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