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Wasim Akram 502 FOR HIM by Jdot Fragrances

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Great news for perfume lovers and Wasim Akram fans is that after 414 exclusive Waskim Akram’s fragrance for him by jdot fragrances, we now have Wasim Akram FOR HIM and her both.


Jdot Fragrances are one of the top most quality  perfumes and are of International standards. I have used 414, core and classic and they all were excellent and stayed for a long time.  Last week I got hands on 502 FOR HIM and this is what I think about it.

Packaging: Magical! Similar to 414, but unlike 414 in red, 502 is in white cricket ball shape with silver in the middle, it for me is one of the most classy bottles ever. it wont be just another perfume bottle on your dressing table, it will stand out like anything. The bottle comes in 100 ml quantity.


Fragrance: 502 FOR HIM unites the invigorating zest of cardamom, sweet orange and the power of fougere accord with the woody whisper of oak moss. This is an interesting mix of notes. Scent staying very classic yet giving a refreshing punch with sweet orange and apple notes. All in all, a potion of notes giving a classic fragrance with a modern feel.

Price: For a product of this top class quality and packaging, price of  502 FOR HIM is remarkable. For just under Rs. 3,500, this is the best alternative to perfumes priced way above 10k! 5.jpg
502 FOR HIM and 502 FOR HER are both now exclusively available in stores and online and if you are still looking for an eid gift for your her or him, this is it ! 🙂

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