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Wear Your Confidence! ZS Textiles Launches Ayesha Ibrahim Luxury Lawn

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It’s another summer with heat so intense that the only fabric women want to wear is Lawn. However, with Ramzan coinciding, things have become tricky as to what should be picked for Eid, which is fancy yet is comfortable enough to keep functioning in this atrocious heat. ZS Textiles who have come up with some lovely lawn collections all summer long, have collaborated with Designer Ayesha Ibrahim for a Luxurious lawn collection for the festive season of Eid.


Ayesha Ibrahim, who has now been part of the fashion industry for almost two decades, stands out in the industry with her design philosophy. Ayesha is all about playing with traditional aesthetics and blending it with trendy and current styles.


Ayesha Ibrahim Luxury Lawn by ZS Textiles presents hues that are colorful and bright and embroideries giving a unique flavor of east meets west, making the designs look very refreshing! Trendy, traditional and comfortable, what else does a woman need to look gorgeous this Eid?


Ayesha Ibrahim’s collaboration with ZS Textiles is in fact, beyond just the Luxury Lawn. The campaign is named #WearYourConfidence and features Model Neha, revolves around the idea of empowering women by making them feel confident. One has to accept the fact that the clothes we wear affect our body language and our confidence. This lawn collection does exactly the same. Ayesha Ibrahim Luxury Lawn is made to give an extra boost to the confidence of women from every walk of life.


Our resources claim that this collection is doing phenomenal in the market and very few prints are left.


Congratulations to Ayesha Ibrahim and ZS Textiles and to the women reading this, dear all, rush to the stores before it’s all gone!


Author: umairhmirza


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