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Lays gives you a reason to #SayitwithaSmile

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Lives have become so tough and grilling that even when there is something funny or a happy moment, the muscles of face are just flat! Literally this happens with me all the time now. Umair everything ok ? You look sad ? And my response everty time is that k kuch nahi hua baba.. lol.  For all those sarriyal faces like me should start investing on Lays 😀 !


Lays are back with more smiles on their bags of chips! We 25 smiles to be exact.

Lay’s Say It with A Smiles campaign has been launched with an exciting TVC featuring none other than Shahid Khan Afridi! It also features Momal Sheikh & Imran Abbas. Lets watch:

Allow me to say that the smiles this on the lays packs this time are pure crazy fun. I can’t wait to get hands on them and have a great time with nieces Meerab and Rabail.

Oh well, I am not that sweet, because there is some fantastic tohfay to win too. Samsung S7 edge phone is up for grabs DAILY and cash prizes of million every week. What you need to do is scratch the code on the packets of the Lays and sms to 9005. Just incase you feel like everybody is getting the same codes, sweet heart its the sms that counts and your phone number will be up on ballots to win you the sexy prizes.

LAY’S is also giving out a FREE iPod Shuffle DAILY! All you have to do is take a selfie with a smiles pack with the hashtag #SayItWithASmile and share it as a public post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! So Start Smiling guys! Eat lays and don’t forget to workout 😉


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