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Its Comfy and Modern with N-DURE Shoes

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Finding a right pair of shoe is one task that for me has turned out to be more difficult than shopping for clothes! And I feel that most of you are facing the same problem.  So many reasons for that.

What is most difficult for a person like me who has work in the morning , event in the evening and probably taking ammi out for grocery shopping or meeting khalas at night, NO I CANT change shoes all the time. So when I am shopping I look for something that is somewhere in between formal and casual and offers lots of comfort.

Servis have launched a brand new range of their N-DURE shoes and it feels like that yes! They have gotten it all so right.

N-DURE category is designed by Servis for the modern urban youth, Ndure combines style statements with comfort and offers products that are young at heart and reliable.


N-DURE now also have in the offering a new range of formal shoes that come withthe same comfort level that it is known for.


Best part is that prices are so affordable. When you are shopping N-Dure, you are buying a much better quality at a price half to what that fancy names brands might be offering.

Go check out their facebook page and website. Just in case you are not sure about which one to chose, You can always Tweet , facebook or instagram me and I can help you in deciding 🙂 See how nice I am 😀



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