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Just like Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day etc, there is a day for your oral health, which you don’t care much about but you should. The World Oral Health Day is celebrated on March 20th worldwide and thank God for Shield in Pakistan, that it does an extra effort every year on this day to let us know how important is the hygiene of our teeth is!


This year Shield took on board country’s top hospitals and offered free medical checkups on the World Oral Health Day. I myself visited one of the hospitals, where otherwise consultations charges would cost some hundreds but on that day not just that people were told about the dental issues that they were facing but took along free samples of Shield products. AWESOME!


Let me wear doctors coat for all my readers and tell you what you can end up with if you are one of those who don’t brush, floss, mouthwash your teeth everyday.

Lets just start on a lighter note:

Forget having a boyfriend or a girlfriend: You stinky mouth!

And now lets get serious:

1. YOU DIE !!. People with dental issues can actually end up having a heart stroke. There is a bacteria that takes birth in your mouth that is capable of clotting your arteries resulting in a heart attack or diseases. Brush before you are brushed!

2. YOU DIE!! This time of Cancer. The gum diseases can lead to kidneys, blood and pancreatic cancer. Now then ? !!

3. YOU DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT!! Because your teeth fall.

4. AND SO MUCH SEVERE MORE.. I am just shocked while doing research on this. You can end up having ulcer, pregnancy issues, erectile dysfunctions and even diabetics.

Guys, You need to #ShieldYourSmile, not just to have a perfect smile but to actually protect yourself from these craziest life threatening diseases.

Lastly, I can’t appreciate Shield enough for creating awareness among all. I’d suggest them that next year to visit workplaces. There are many unhealthy eaters with stressed lifestyles who just jump into bed as soon as they reach home after a tiring day and forget that they had to brush their teeth.


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  1. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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