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Please No! I don’t want to see this happening in 2017!


2016 saw some amazing fashion but hey! it was also a year when hideosity made quite a show too. And apart from silly fashion trends, Pakistani fashion industry has its very own “indigenous” issues and practices that may or may not be appreciated by people who run and love fashion.

Let’s read what made our fashionistas’ eyes bleed or what changes they would want to see for the betterment of our sweet and not-so-little-any-more fashion industry.

P.s.: The bracket crap is me .. hashtag > #JustForFun

Aamna Isani (Editor Instep)

Can we please not bring celebrities onto the catwalk ad nauseam! I’d like to see some dignity and sophistication return to fashion shows.


Andleeb Rana (COO at My Fashion Fix) 

Dying to see some originality in everything around us: be it events, personal style or even social media posts by bloggers and magazines. Everything and everyone is a xerox copy of each other. People, style and lifestyles have always inspired me….but I am so bored with everything around us. I miss being intellectually stimulated!


How Instagram looks lately!

Asma Chishty (Editor in Chief , Destinations)

Enough of the poorly tailored attempts at pouffy desi ballgowns on red carpets, just go all out with fab international designers! If that is not an option, embrace the East Meets West or simply Eastern glam which our designers have perfected! (haha, tacky was all out on red carpets in 2016)

Amir Adnan (Fashion Designer)

I don’t want to see RED grooms! Not in 2017 and not ever. I can only see brides as red.

Huma Adnan (Fashion Designer)

Men wearing women’s clothes was the most atrocious sight seen last year on red carpet and some shoots that were circulated. Terrible! (Indeed one of my favorite ugly moments from 2016)

Juju Haider (Head, Toni & Guy North Pakistan)

What I didn’t like in 2016 were the peplum shirts…the sleeves were ok


Kamiar Rokni (Fashion Designer)

I don’t want to see more plagiarism. Especially by well-known designers. (Not much left then 😀 ) 

Maliha Rehman (Journalist)

Fashion politics need to die out & the industry needs to focus more on editing fashion weeks so that content is improved. Also, the peplum needs to die out – immediately. (Politics is so much fun ..haye!)

Wardha Saleem (Fashion Designer)

What I don’t want to see is the same kind of clothes coming on the ramp with a different designer label. If you can’t think original and don’t have a distinct style don’t show. Do something else. (No Wardha doesn’t want you to start a blog or become an overnight stylist either!)

Sonya Battla (Fashion Designer)

Tulip shalwar (Ugliest thing ever indeed!)


If you want to share what made you cringe to the core, let me know through your comment please .

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4 thoughts on “Please No! I don’t want to see this happening in 2017!

  1. Hahaha nice post!
    (IM UR FAN)

  2. Agreed with Sonya Battla. I despise Tulip shalwars! uh.

  3. hey ,almost shirtless grooms in red lehngas made me puke

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