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Eat Vegetables = Live Healthy

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Whenever you think about any Pakistani Advertisement of Cooking oil or ghee, the only image you get to see is Fish and Chicken or Mutton or Beef dancing in oil. I was surfing the TV that day and got to see something not done before by these cooking oil makers ever before. Use of vegetables and only vegetables! And believe me, vegetables never looked this sexy, appealing and  tempting to me EVER. I am talking about Kashmir Banaspati and Cooking oil’s new TVC.

And it doesn’t end here, there is variety too. Not just cooking one dish of vegetable but they actually managed to pull off quite a few! Seeing the mix sabzi in the advertisement & I was hungry all at once, mix sabzi being my favorite has swiped me liked anything.

The best thing about Kashmir cooking oil is that it is putting health of its customers on priority especially by introducing its Canola and Premium Gold cooking oils. This not only is the introduction of the first oil which focuses on the healthy food options, that is vegetables, but also it preserves the taste of the food being cooked in it.

With fitness craze taking over the whole world (wake up Mirza!), everyone is looking for healthier replacements for their current dietary habits. Kashmir Cooking oils are considered to be one of the best replacements for your regular refined oil. Kashmir Banaspati and cooking oils includes a range of quality oils including Canola which is fast emerging as one of the healthiest options. Canola oil has the highest level of the plant sterols, mainly – beta sterol and campesterol.


Best thing about Kashmir Oil is that there are no artificial additives added in it, that’s the reason it is known as pure as the beauty of Kashmir and also it preserves the aroma of the food too. So that you can enjoy the taste with the serene aroma of it.  What are you waiting for now? Go and get Kashmir Oil, and start living the healthy lifestyle.


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