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Best of winter wear at NEXT

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Winter’s one season in Karachi where one’s confused about what to wear. It’s cold, and at the same time, sometimes it feels like it’s just a permanent fall. Either way, the temperature does drop enough to want to make you want to step out in your layers (comfortably) and show off your winter boots, and that leather jacket. And here’s where NEXT comes in to help you look your best in winter.
This fall, the colors are earthy and that’s good. Think Military. Because it gives a versatility to simplicity. With NEXT, you don’t have to worry about any outfit for any occasion because they’ve got the style ready for everything from office wear to red carpet events, or just a fashionable lunch out with the fashion fraternity.
They’ve got the most amazing shirts you’d want. Flannel shirts in their store are simply worth owning for the fabric quality – soft, comfortable and the perfect fall patterns. Pair it up with denim and you’re good to go! Knit-wears are something to be focusing on here though. Simple ones, to chunky ones you can wear either with your shirts, or just the jumper alone. Slip on a pair of leather hi top boots to complete the look. And yes, NEXT has it all for you! From head to toe. They’ve got you covered for the winter, literally and metaphorically.

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But if you’re more of a simple person who wants something good and valuable for the office, NEXT offers just that with a variety of shirts, trousers, socks and footwear. Their brogues are not only perfect for work place, they’re the go-to shoe for everything.
So head out to the nearest NEXT store and know that that is the only place you need to head this fall to complete your shopping!

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