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Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive ‘ 2016


Oh man! Fashion Weeks gets you all excited and stressed every time.fpw-winter-festive-16

Lets talk about the stress first:

What to wear .. Umairica is growing by leaps and bounds … well yes that too, but here I am talking about the kilograms that I have been gaining with every passing millisecond. Fitting into clothes and posing on red carpet and to not look fat while doing all that has become one hell of a task. Then there’s the time management, as there is a day job (from which bloggers like me earn their bread and butter), and studies to take care of too.


From L to R :Emraan Rajput, Amir Adnan and Arsalan Iqbal



Exciting things, though, totally outshine the stresses thankfully. The energy at the red carpet, pre fashion lunches (oops! not this time for Mr. Mirza), the rehearsals, socializing with your fashion friends in Lahore who fly in for FPW and then greeted by their hospitality when me and other Karachites are there for PSFW. Fashion indeed is still the best thing happening in Pakistan. Oh and of course the after-party! The perfect end to the 3 or 4 days of amazing-ness. Me and Lace & scotch literally debate on which city threw a better party this season and who pulls in the more fun crowd.


Haiya Bokhari of The News and Maliha Rehman of DAWN

Changing gears now..

Since the start of FPW, Fall/Winter installment of FPW has been transformed into Winter “Festive”, Pakistan literally has no Fashion Week platform where winter fashion can be presented. Probably we are the first in the world to accept the global warming and therefore its a “goodbye winter fashion”. What we have now on the Fashion calendar is 2 spring summer fashion weeks (FPW S/S and PSFW S/S) and 4 bridal weeks (BCW x 2 , PLBW and Winter Festive). Winter Festive we can still say stands out as we do get a glimpse of some pret and sexy non-bridals Like HSY’s ONYX, Maheen Karim, Amir Adnan etc.


DAY 01 – Finale Moment

Social Media Championship- Instagram is the KING!

There were times when Fashionistas used to go on a great fashion debate on twitter, taking their hearts out, creating controversies, ending controversies, tweeting fashion week’s every single moment. NO BODY “who mattesr” does it anymore.. Instagram is where we feel at home! The visual treat with captions letting you tell more than 140 characters is indeed the ultimate Fashion Week coverage platform. So yes, we need to rethink our wishes dreams of trending on twitter…its of no use, you can sell Sheikh Rasheed, CSR campaigns, new candy and Chai wala on twitter, true fashionistas have no interest there anymore.

I covered FPW Winter Festive on Instagram and thanks to some amazing apps, I myself love (Awww!) the videos that I am able to share with you guys. In case you missed them, here they are:

DAY 01 

#FPW2016 Designer @suffusebysanayasir showcases her lovey dovey bridalwear. ***

A post shared by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @maheenkarimofficial brings the blingy sexy on the runway! ***

A post shared by U M A I R I C A (@umairhmirza) on

#FPW2016 Designer @amiradnandesign. I want it all, its that good. ****

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DAY 02 ( The day my phone cheated on me and couldn’t recover the videos of Natasha Kamal and FnkAsia)

DAY 03

#FPW2016 – Day 03 – Designer @rozinamunibofficial featuring #MukhtaranMai

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See you at the next Fashion week . bye bye


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3 thoughts on “Fashion Pakistan Week – Winter Festive ‘ 2016

  1. Loved your videos throughout the fashion week!

    Also, you look great, so don’t stress 😀

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