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Street Cricket goes all tech with ‘Pepsi Pinball Cricket’

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With technology advancing every day, we are upgrading ourselves like anything. From latest gadgets to the upfront Fashion, From new lifestyles to latest innovations with food & beverages. Then why our games should be left behind. Pepsi has been setting its benchmarks and then breaking it and making another one, with their recent advertisement of Fawad Khan and Syra Shehroz they had already brought innovation to the food and more excitement. But who knew, something big is coming out too.

Pepsi has given new face to the street cricket by introducing technology in it. A normal pinball game has been given the new face when Pepsi used 3D projection on the field. The crickets haven’t been exposed to such kind of experience before, even I am quite intrigued to play this pinball match, although I haven’t played cricket in a decade now.

That music and 3D projections while playing cricket, Bang on, this is something super excited and all the cricket fans would agree that this is the best a cricket can get. Not only this, Introducing the cricket legend, Shoaib Malik is like soney py sohaga. Two good things for any Pakistani cricket fan just in one advertisement. Way to go Pepsi.

Looking forward to get this technology common or any chance somehow to play while using 3D projection technology. Till then, lets sip chill Pepsi and enjoy this advertisement.


Author: umairhmirza


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