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Grandeur at its best! Diva’ni Couture comes to Lahore

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Chandni in 1989, Lamhe in 1991, DDLJ and Veer Zaara and so many more were such hits when these films came out that we all tried to emulate it on some level. Regardless of the power of love depicted that all the girls and boys wanted, there was something about the style of these films that inspired people so much so that it started this whole revolution of fashion wanting to emulate it.

Fake jewelry or real, everyone wanted what was in these film, for their weddings, or just to look good with a royal eastern aesthetic. Such was the power of film that it changed the dynamics of how the common man viewed style.

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Years later, the power of film is even stronger than it ever was. And keeping in mind how strong Bollywood’s influence is on the way we style our lives, and clothes, it is perfect timing for the launch of Diva’ni in Pakistan.
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Diva’ni was introduced to India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films and KBSH Private Limited, one of the largest heritage fashion houses based out of New Delhi. It is a cinema inspired fashion brand that has finally launched in Pakistan in Lahore on MM Alam Road. Since there’s not a lot of a difference in the cultural esthetics and fashion, it made complete sense for it to have ventured across the border and launch in Pakistan. Pakistanis love Bollywood, and no doubt, they’re excited to be able to have a part of what it represents in their own lives.
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The store, designed in regal architecture, has a luxurious appeal. The moment you set eyes on the grand entrance, you cannot help but be awed by how gorgeous it looks.
But the most exciting part comes when you step inside the store itself because it’s a sight to behold. A burst of colors and glamor, the store is a perfect symbol of what it aimed to be inspired from. The store embodies what it sells; cinematic grandeur.
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Selling majorly luxury pret, it’s your one stop destination for getting the look for the wedding of your dreams. It’s a one stop shop for not only having to look like a mughal princess on your wedding, but feeling like one too. You just can’t resist.



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