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Star Studded 7up ‪#‎FoodiesWithoutBorders‬ event

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7up never fails to surprise me. Whether it comes to the refreshing foods or reuniting flavors of entire country at one place. Foodies in Pakistan have declared 7up as their official beverage. 7up is now becoming habitual of setting a bench mark and then breaking it themselves to set another one. This very thing has been seen when 7up organized one of its kind event at Lahore this weekend. “Foodies without Border”.

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7up has made an effort to bring all the foodies under one roof and on one platform. When it comes to Foodies, they are available in all the shapes and all the sizes, and since its food and 7up we are talking about, neither shape matters nor the sizes, all it matters is the yummilicious food with chilled 7up. Coming back to “Foodies without Border” this foody event took place at Royal Palm Lahore on Sunday evening where the cuisine specialties were from the 3 cities of Pakistan. Peshawar, Lahore & Karachi.

Renowned Famous food points were brought in the “Foodies without Border” with their specialties. From Karachi, we saw Chullu Kebab, Burns Road’s famous Bun Kebab, Karachi Haleem, Karachi Biryani Liaquatabad ka mashoor Pani Puri and Dahi Barrey, Merathi Dhaga Kebab and obviously how can we miss it 7Up Limka. Joining in from Lahore were Waris Nihari, Kaka Gurda Champ, Zakir Tikka, Arif Chatkhara House and how can we not have Phajjey ke Paaye, Bhaiya Kebab, Cheeka Chikker Chaney and 7Up Doodh Soda. Coming From Peshawar were Peshawari Seekh Kebab, Allahuddin Chapal Kebab, Peshawari Charsi Tikka, Namak Mandi, Kabuli Pulao,Maalga Namkeen Rosh, Maalga Goat Sajji.  To keep the authenticity of the food, the actual vendors were flown to Lahore by 7up to get the foodies, the real taste.

Everything was so delicious and healthy. With being in love with food, everyone forget about the differences these cities normally have. Food was love and it turned into a star studded event when many of our showbiz foodies turned up at the event. These included Ahmed Ali Butt , Ali Hamza, Munib Nawaz , Cybil (She was hosting the event),Vj Shahzad, Ammanat Ali , Nauman Javed ,Waleed , Omair Rana ,  Adeel Ch , Qurram of Josh ,Ali Sikandar , Noor,  Wali Hamid Ali ,Alyzay Gabol ,Anoushay Asad , Natty (Natasha Hussain),Faria bukhari ,Natasha Ali , Rana Noman ,Jimmy Khan. Phew those were so many.

Not only this , 7 up also set video booth where all the aforementioned celebrities were able to record their messages and show how much they love food. Isn’t that exciting, no one ever did this before. There was live jamming session too to enjoy the quality company and quality food at the event which was appreciated by all the foodies.

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The entire event was more pleasing with “Khumariyan” , one of the Pakistan’s best instrumental band, live jamming at the venue. The live performance was like a garam tarka on the delicious food at foodies without borders.

Hopefully the next stopover of Foodies without Border would be in Karachi so that those foodies in Karachi can go and eat their heart out and enjoy.


Author: umairhmirza


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