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Can it get better than this? NO ! The Lux TVC features Fawad and Mahira Khan ki jodi

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When was the last time Pakistan had a super successful making our heart melts wali jodi ? Yes my mom or dad or grand parents may have an answer, at least I can’t think of any at all in past couple of decades. But then Humsafar happened and Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan stole our hearts tou duur ki baat, all of India went crazy and same happened with  gulf region who watched the serial with arabic translation and UK and USA and Australia, well yes .. practically everywhere!

Lux people must have thanked God that finally is the time to pull the gears and make an amazing Lux TVC for Pakistani audiences and this is the magic they did.

Yes, The new jasmine lux ad featuring Miss Mahira Khan and Mr. Fawad Khan. The ad is cheesy, naughty and romantic in a very Pakistani way and that is what made it a super hit commercial of the year. Last year the two also did an ad for Lux style awards which too was phenomenal hit.


Here is what Mahira Khan had to say about her experience working for LUX TVC

And also hear what Fawad Khan had to say during the shoot of this TVC

You know what, I won’t mind seeing them in another ad next year, they are fantastic couple or ya may be Mahira with Raees Sharukh Khan and Fawad with Deepika . 😉

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