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Lighting up lives with Pepsi

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Electricity shortage has become one of the major issues of Pakistan. Khyber till Karachi, Pakistanis are facing the issues of non-availability of electricity, and everyone cant afford, generators and UPS. Well even then most of us take this for granted without discerning the fact that there are hundreds and thousands who are not getting this basic necessity at all.

Pepsi, in 2015 took an in initiative to lighten up lives of those hundreds and thousands people with its massively popular campaign #LightingUpLives. At first, the concept was quite ambiguous, but then Pepsi did it and showed us what it meant, which was very simple.

All we had to do was to purchase 1.5 ltr bottle, on every purchase of that bottle, Pepsi donated 1 rupee to light up someone’s life by providing them electricity. It had helped many, those studying in dark and those who didn’t had light at night. Pepsi had comprehended the need quite well in time and had worked on it luminously. This year, Pepsi is back with its #LightingUpLives campaign. Seeing the result of last year’s , I am sure it would be a immense success this year too.

And like last year, I am all dazzled with the Pepsi’s #LightingUpLives TVC too. The poignant voice of legendary Abida Parveen and the lyrics both are amazing.

Soney pey Suhaga, Pepsi took Hamza Ali Abbasi for the campaign, which could not be better. One of the most influential celebrity of Pakistan and equally engaged in the community work. With his huge fan following, people have already started admiring the ingenuity and got emotionally attached with the campaign. Hopefully Pepsi would be able to light up the lives of millions of people this year as well.


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