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Foodies cook the billboards for 7up

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7up is one brand that knows how to keep foodies on toes with its amazing activities and campaigns. From Food ka love to taking that love on all together next level. With its recent giving a total new look to the food love, 7 up has now set a new bench mark. 7up has given chance to 3 foodies to display their creation on billboards across Pakistan. Isnt it amazing, the billboards with those scrumptious foods would be from a normal foodie instead of trained and qualified Chefs.


During this campaign, 3 foodies, Actress Ayesha Omar, Umairica’s favorite food blogger, Madiha Hameed from Chefling tales and a foodie Kiran Afzal were requested to collaborate with Chef Saadat and create their favourite food. Three different people, coming from three different walks of life and creating their love for food.

7up will be putting up their food pics along with their names on billboards across Pakistan. This would be a great milestone in itself as this hasn’t done by any brand, to involve ordinary people in the campaign and let them create the billboards for the brand.

I am really looking forward to see how the billboards will look once they are up. This surely has doubled my love for food as yes obviously 7up too.


Author: umairhmirza


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