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Splash Fashions Summer Collection 2016

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If there is one thing that is awesome about Ocean Mall is that it has the only Splash store that is present in this city. Fantastic and always on trend clothes, understanding of the fabric that goes perfect for super hot weather of our region and yes somewhat not that expensive makes me visit the place at least once a month.

Umairica has special love for the brand as in past I have been part of their winter campaign and was well received. Plus, the staff at the store is extremely cooperative.

Splash introduces new way forward with ‘Love Unites’

‘Love’ one of the most popular of emotion intensifies when said in conjunction with the word ‘Fashion’, inspiring a loyalty beyond reason. Two decades ago, Splash, the UAE based high-street retailer chose to fall in love with fashion and this one emotion has given the brand a journey to reflect upon and a path to create. Moving forward from celebrity led campaigns the brand has taken the route of addressing topical issues through fashion imagery and highly stylized campaigns.


The recently unveiled campaign takes cues from a world where unrest has taken head and how even the smallest of acts of raising awareness can go a long way in uniting people. Titled ‘Love Unites’ the Splash campaign brings together six top-models of various ethnicities from across the Globe to shoot for an inspirational fashion campaign where caste, creed & color play no role.


Speaking on ‘Love Unites’, Raza Beig, Director, Landmark Group and CEO Splash & ICONIC, said “I am a firm believer in the ideology of Love and this season Splash takes on a new route of inspiring love through a multi-ethnicity campaign which is best represented through fashion, the one word that defines Splash. Titled ‘Love Unites’ this campaign is our pitch to unite people against any resentment currently going on in the world.


Adding further, “Emerging from a successful celebrity driven campaign endorsed by stars like Salman Khan & Nicole Saba, this campaign aims to take Splash from an aspirational brand to an inspirational route”


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