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Do you speak Emoji ?!

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Living in the emoji era where people are so used to of sending emoji as their reaction instead of typing that all. And this is enough to understand the importance of Emoji in current era. Pepsi has launched new 345 ml bottles which I happened to see at BCW but haven’t seen the TVC until 3 days ago.


Pepsi has continued its previously launched emoji bottles but this time with some more fun emojis. As much as I loved the soundtrack used in the TVC there are few more things to be noticed in this brand new TVC of Pepsi. #SayItWithPepsi.

The energizing take on emojis combined with Fusion’s hit friendship anthem, ‘Deewaney Chaley Jub Sath’ instantaneously makes one nostalgic for the good old college days partying with friends all the time, further on the Pepsi ad reminds us of the scorching heat we are having in Karachi and all we want to do is to hit to beach and refresh ourselves. When the guys jumps out of the car at gas station to get the Pepsi, that instantly reminds me of our trips to Hawks bay and our stopovers at mauripur to purchase drinks.

Pepsi has done a brilliant job reminding us our youth moments, and the youth can also relate to the TVC as it’s all about what they are doing these days #SayItyWithPepsi. The new curvy 345 ml bottle of Pepsi is a fun package and with the right emoji on the bottle you get the maza doubala. I am amazed to see so many, and by this I really mean SO MANY emojis which are perfect for any and every occasion, yet I am looking forward to have our cultural ones too carrying different provinces emojis.

Over all its an amazing one I must say and I am in love with this TVC already.


Author: umairhmirza


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