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#GreenLight with 7up !

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The Scorching Heat like this we are having in Karachi, the only scent you would love to have is that of Green bottle of chilled 7up, and the affair doesn’t end here, with you getting the thandi thandi 7up , the ultimate seductive smell of food also catches your attraction. Food and 7up, they share a bond which is inseparable. With that I just recalled, today I saw the new TVC of 7up, which revolves around food and lots of food and how the actual flavor of any food comes with #Greenlight of 7up. The advertisement depicted how any dish is just lacking without 7Up and it is difficult to have a love affair with your food #GreenLight a.k.a Hari ghanti i.e. a bottle of chilled revitalizing 7up.

The best thing about 7up advertisements is that they are brilliantly made which are always entertaining and would make you watch again and again , more importantly would be the resemblance you will get from your daily life, actually makes these 7up advertisements very good. Now talking about this TVC, Tipu bhai ka burger is actually special with 7up, otherwise you would miss the fun. Wanna try, do that on Boat Basin. The train sequence is wonderfully executed as well.  Best is breaking the stereotype and telling that a girl eats a lot too. Summing up the advertisement, food ka asal love only comes when you get the #GreenLight of 7up.

Being a Foodie myself, I love to have my 7up with all the yummilicious and scrumptious dishes my mum makes. Good food is one of my love story and it never completes with the #GreenLight of refreshing 7up.

And that’s not all, 7up is giving a chance to make your foodie love stories by giving out meal vouchers on the Facebook group “Foodies R Us”,  go, check the group, post yours and your food with 7ups pics there and avail a chance to take your love to another level.


Author: umairhmirza


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