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Baking the Pizza right ! Broadway Pizza – Review


Seems like every one wants to have their own business but of course being creative and to come up with cool and creative ideas is mano aik dum haram. Sticking to this mentality, there opens a new pizza or burgers outlet atleast twice a week in Karachi. And they shut down too at the same pace. Selling food is a business yes ! but then the food has to taste good too. This most basic of the basics people end up forgetting.

Done with the dil ki rant. Broadway isn’t the same case as above. For them their pizza to taste good was the priority and the brand since has only grown bigger. Recently, I had the opportunity to order their mightiest of the deals, that had everything ! A 20″ inch full pizza (making other pizza makers large look dwarf), so large that you need big door to have it making an entry to your house. Deal also included appetizers, wings and 1.5L drink.


I ordered their Wicked Blend. The topping of Wicked blend comes with chicken tikka chunks, chicken fajita, smoked chicken, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Verdict: One of the best pizzas ever ! Broadway Pizza tasted delicious. Crust was done to perfect and the topping had everything that you could have asked and in right quantity. And this, Abbu who calls Pizza a joke in the name of a food and I quote ” This is for the first time I enjoyed eating a pizza , best you have ever ordered beta”. Wow !

My hand .. where is my hand. This is how huge the slice is

My hand .. where is my hand. This is how huge the slice is

Fun eating is that you dip in to a new sauce on every bite. Broadway offers 4 flavors of sauces, garlic mayo being my favorite of all and BBQ a somewhat disappointment for my taste buds. Oh and a slice of it was just enough for. Its huuuuuge !


Potato ALIGATOR skins

Talking about the appetizers, Potato skins is a must NOT eat from Broadway. The filling was okay with the skin … a piece of rubber. Redo you recipe guys or just take it out of your menu if that is how you cook.

Wings were good, Just make sure you chose the right topping. Don’t go for garlic mayo I suggest, go for plain wings or any other.

Concluding the review by rating only the Pizza and its a solid 3.75/5 ! Go order


And, Congratulations Broadway for making my Father finally liking a pizza 🙂


Author: umairhmirza


2 thoughts on “Baking the Pizza right ! Broadway Pizza – Review

  1. Last night we were planning to order from Broadway but there were so many negative reviews on their facebook page that i changed my decision. Thanks for your review. Now I’ll definitely try it some day Insha’Allah.

  2. This Broadway pizza is so close to my house but I hardly have it. I guess with this review I am sure bound to get some

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