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So it all begun back in August 2015, when two times World Boxing champion Amir Khan came on board with Sting and was given challenges by his fans. From power punches to fast thrown punches and skip rope challenge to test his stamina as well as power. He had been challenged, now he is all set to challenge his fans (wo kehty hain na physics mai every action has a reaction, isi tarhan har challenge gets a counter challenge).

sting 1

The official energy drink of Pakistan, Sting is making sure, all the participants get something as reward, so they have launched Limited Edition Amir Khan themed Sting Bottles, where as one Special Stinger will get the a special reward.  Yes, an exclusive pair of boxing gloves signed by none other than the Champion King, Amir Khan. Isn’t that amazing? Have a look at their brand new challenge video and enjoy these lovely animations.

Obviously, and only that’s why I was rushing to markets to get my limited edition bottle, (bohat mushkil sy mili, guess what har koi dewana huwa jara hai). Phew and I got that finally, had to request to an aunty carrying 2 dozen, if she can give me one. Turns out she was a big fan of Umairica and she happily gave me 3 bottles. And thanks to her, here goes my selfie with limited edition bottle.

All the Umairica fans, go and get yours limited edition Amir Khan Sting, (available at your qareebi super store). A video message by Amir Khan himself along with him signing the gloves is here. Enjoy that and stay tuned for more details on the challenge. Boast your energy meanwhile with Sting, same old Jhatzzkaa


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