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Smart decision leads to VIBE P1m by LENOVO

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Of many things that make my life miserable, this one factor just takes my depression, frustration and tension levels to new heights ! Yes I am talking about my phone’s battery life !

Umair works in a digital agency and Umairica is your favorite blogger and in my life, importance of my phone most of the times is more than my food (bohat bari baat kehdi meinay). I am working all the time (clients never leave you alone) and when done with work.. just to give you an idea, I had 2 bloggers meetups and a launch event that all too in a DAY ! Especially when its a Fashion week .. disasters ! And one cant trust on wifi’s and you know 3G sucks it better than the joon in ur baals.

Clicking , recording, selfie-ing, sending emails, moving around using google maps ( I suck at remembering places) and much more and alert alert, my battery is 50% and its not even mid day !

Oh yes you do find many phones with amazing batteries now.. but that is then these phones only have to offer. For me to take fantastic pictures, top quality screen resolution and phone to look sexy are almost as important as the battery’s life.


Till a couple of months back I was using Lenovo’s hottest looking Vibe X2 (Got hands on that phone as I was selected as one of Lenovo’s global inspirer/ influencer in fashion category) and it was fantastic experience and many fashionistas in my circle were quite impressed !


And now its LENOVO Vibe P1m that is simply too good ! Lets come to highlights of the phone !

Juice he Juice ! Battery ka Juice :

The phone comes with a 4000 mAh battery ? no idea whats this 4000 mAh is..Figure it out like this. The iphone 6 has a mere 1,800 mAh ! Your Lenovo P1m would work for days and for me, who always is on a phone, would be attending all three events, take 5 dozen pictures and videos, google map 60 kilometers and will still be watching my favorite shows on youtube late midnight !! aur sonay say pehlay.. pehla charge of the day

Your (whatever it may be) drink ain’t ruining Vibe P1m :

Splash-proof, nano-coating technology protects the phone from everyday splashes and spills. It also dramatically increases the reliability of the device.

Vibe P1m charges at a pace that is super fast:

When the VIBE P1m eventually runs out of juice, its quick charge feature gives you a few hours of talk time with just a 15-minute charge

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t look for power banks look for VIBE P1m :

This feature is OH MY GOD ! Through USB On-the-Go, you can tap into the Vibe P1m’s huge battery life to recharge your other devices and share data too.

So much for just PKR 17,900 : 

5 Mpx selfie cam, 4G, dual sims, expandable memory, lolipop and behold to know the power of this phone. Vibe P1m is 1.0GHz 64-bit quad-core MediaTek processor delivers the optimal balance of performance and power. Together with 2GB of RAM, the Vibe P1m is able to take the fastest data connectivity and the latest Android OS in its stride.

One more feature that made my life during Vibe X2 days at so much ease is preloaded apps like SHAREit with CLONEit, which lets you rapidly share files wirelessly across smartphone and other devices without network charges or a WiFi connection. And it all happens so fast that gb loads of files transfer in minutes …

A few cons : The phone by looks is not the hottest but much better than the competition, Its a solid phone . Phone pixel density is 294 ppi, which could have been a little better.

Keep an eye on my instagram , twitter and facebook as I will be sharing some great shots from Vibe P1m . What you must do is visit the display centres and outsmart the Lenovo’s marketing executive cuz now you know all about the phone 😉

Oh before I end the post, protector nahi khreedna nor the cover, both are inside the box along with other regular accessories and if you find it in the market, get hands on the Lenovo VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash. It will make your night selfies hotter 😉



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