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SayitwithPepsi, everyone is saying with Pepsi what they want to say to their loved ones, err yes including me too. I am dazzled by the Pepsi emoji bumpers available now in Pakistan, and I am finding them amusing to convey messages to my friends and family. Over the last two weeks I have been following these awe-inspiring emoji bumpers all over the social media and they are so facetious yet adorable.

Pepsi has done once again. Kudos to the creative team there, which gave us a new way to converse amongst our people. Pepsi took us off the seats when they launched the Emoji Bumper on Quaid e Azam’s Day, I cherished the way they gave accolade to Him. I hadn’t applauded the step enthusiastically and they launched New Year celebration emoji, just when it was much needed. That made me fall in love with it right there, and it’s not restricted to that only, I used the very same to wish birthday to my friend which happened to be on 1st Jan. I sent that out as a birthday wish mixed with the New Year message and my friend really loved the gesture.  These new Pepsi emoji bumpers are encouraging us to reconnect with most of our friends through these cool ideas.

I am really looking forward to get some of the emoji bumpers on wedding anniversaries or wedding messages as well. My friends’ have started getting married and I guess these are the best way to send them our heartiest felicitations.


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