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Ho Mann Jahaan – A Review x 2 !

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To be honest I had almost zero expectations with this movie called Ho Mann Jahaan and there were so many reasons “for me” for that. I didn’t like the trailer; it was as weak as Dekh Magar Pyar Se. (Then again, Karachi se  Lahore and Good Morning Karachi had great trailers but both were also of DMPS league). The film’s director’s debut TV Drama “Behadd” was so bad – it was behadd bad. Shakar Wanda song that was extensively used over the top for the film’s promotion sounded as bad as prem ratan dhan payo. And lastly it made me furious on them for using Nazia / Zoheb Hasan’s  dosti song in the film.

This Lipton ad was early 90’s sensation ! and these guys coked it up :@ !

Then one lovely day I got the invite for this movie. I seriously had no hopes that UMAIRICA would be invited to the premiere, cuz all talking heart out I did in the first para, I actually had tweeted too during all this promotion period !


Oh My God Guys ! Ho Mann Jahaan is an AMAZING movie. I have fallen in love with it. So much that any person who is giving negative reviews (read: absurd) is P the S out of me ! The last time I felt in love with a film like this was Kal Ho Na Ho.

Now about the movie, and do not worry Spoilers are Haram in my book!

Direction and acting is spot on. While others have fallen in love with Mahira and Shehryar, For me Adeel Hussain was the best. I know, I know, some of you wanted a cry like Sharukh Khan or Hritikh Roshan in those intense scenes but please start accepting “natural” things in your life or just reduce the bollywood dose. Last 2/3 scenes, goodness me! He almost had everyone in the cinema hall in tears

Length of the movie .. Its long and I had no issues with it. Good movies, if lengthy, don’t hurt anywhere.

Music .. And I can’t believe myself – Now I love Shakar Wanda! Its so much fun to watch, you would feel like doing that dance move in theater too. All the songs are picturized to perfection.

Script / Dialogues .. The best in the longest time. The dialogues melt you, make you burst into tears , make you laugh and the ones between Sonya Jehan and Shehryar are damn sexy (halal sexy)

Coca Cola .. There were many coke bottles in the movie like cornettos, sprites, gluco biscuits like in other movies but somehow it wasn’t as painful to eyes. Except for one scene dedicated to coke studio’s Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood (who together have RUINED once upon a time a fantastic Coke Studio). And did you even notice the Pulpy Orange and Kinley water bottles? No ! They were there but not on our faces, so it was a fine job done with brand integration.

And Mr. Z-o-h-e-b  H-a-s-a-n is in the movie !!! gosh now I love Dosti song too, its actually even more special now ! Must Watch hai movie dosto !!

Changing Mindsets .. How movies play role in improving societies, the people’s mentality that too in countries like India and Pakistan where jahalat is found in abundance, Ho Mann Jahaan has done a service. This movie will make many parents and their kids hit with so many reality checks and how selfishness eats up all the best relationships in the world. OK No, talking deep stuff is not my thing .. This review is now being taken over by *drumrolls*  my dear friend Haseeb Sultan, editor at the Young Adult website, who loved the movie as much as I have. But before that,  I Rate the Movie 4.7 / 5 ! Minus 0.3 for Coke studio destroyers scene and plus 0.3 for the cameo performances


“As a young Pakistani who’s about to graduate, I have always wondered what it feels to grow up. Life is a weird thing. It takes us to the height of happiness, and then squishes us like we’re nothing. It scares me. I think it scares everyone.

At this age, one naturally turns to the arts to show us how to get through life and determine where we stand emotionally along these lines in our life. I have always felt that Pakistani arts lacked that support when it comes to creating things for youth when it is the toughest time for us. Hollywood it is then, mostly. To help us connect, to help us relate.

And as I walked out of the vintage cinema I went to watch the film in, I realized that this is the film I needed to see as a youth who’s about to graduate his university, with hopes, dreams and ambitions in his hands, as life pulls him apart. Rather, tears apart. Ho Mann Jahaan is the coming of age film that deals with all we feel as a young person, and answers all our questions to the quarter life crisis.

Lets start with friendship; Friends are those relations in life that we bring in optionally, and hold on to very dearly. The film deals with life after graduation, and how it effects  friends. The success of a friend, the downfall of a friend, the support system of a friend. One thing this film deals with beautifully is how selfishness can help build or break relationships. And how one can make amends if we take the wrong turn in a relationship so sacred.

Dreams come next. Its so hard to hold on to your dreams. And letting them go can be a real challenge, specially when one is young and there’s a whole universe to explore. The film teaches us what we lose when we get crazy to achieve to achieve them, or what we lose when we give up on them and how they have the capacity to drive us crazy.

The relationship between the youth and their parents has been depicted very realistically in the film. How the parents react to failure or success in our lives, seeing it on screen really puts things into perspective. And to see that told through a cultural lens is even better, as it helps the viewer connect even more. Parents in our culture are a huge influence in every decision we make, and our characters showed that relationship beautifully.

And love. Love is a complicated thing when we are young. To be in love in university, and then evolving as a human being when we graduate, we forget that how we love has to evolve too. How love hurts, and how we hurt our love at an age so fickle. Just as our selves.

The dialogue of the film compliments all these emotions. The story is something a lot of the youth would be able to relate to. And perhaps you’ll feel you’ve said most of these things somewhere in your life, or at least thought them long enough to stay.”


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