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Pepsi Twitter doodles up the Food

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Recently there is a lot more going on Pepsi Pakistan’s account at twitter which had given Pepsi an edge over all other brands. One of those amazing things was making your food #ExcitingAbhi. With their new stratagems and promotions, Pepsi Pakistan is taking over hoi polloi on social platforms, getting thousands of Youth involved in real time activity.

For the first time, any brand was responding to their consumers instantly throughout digital activity. During this #ExcitingAbhi campaign, Pepsi asked its audience over twitter to share the pictures of their meals with Pepsi and let them make it sensational. Everyone was surprised, and doubting how they are going to make meal pictures exhilarating, yet youth all over Twitter started partaking their meal pics, and by meal pictures I mean every type of meal, whether it was Biryani, Broast, Nihari, tikka or mix vegetables or just pizza.


Within few minutes amazing pictures started pouring in at twitter from Pepsi’s account having funny doodles on previously submitted food pictures.


Every picture has an amusing story making the meal more fun. Now the question came, how did that happen? Actually, Pepsi has got Shahzaib Hussain Onboard for all this fun. Shahzaib Hussain is famous for his Shahzaib Hussain Art. He happens to be one of the most influential online artists we have got in Pakistan. He Pepsified all the meal pictures with amusing doodles regardless of what type of meal picture has been shared. #ExcitingAbhi was trending on twitter after this activity with 23 Million impressions.

As they say, Food is love, and presenting that food in a lovely style is a true art. Pepsi created the art with your food, creating your regular food in a manner so exciting that now you can’t think of avoiding that meal keeping that in mind how your food was doodled. Oh man, and I love my food more now.

Author: umairhmirza


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