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The #IdealPair at Shoe Planet !

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Finding an ideal pair has become a pain of  me and my ammi’s life, but goodness me finding the #IdealPair of shoe has definitely been resolved by Shoe Planet !


Shoe Planet has finally opened its only store in Karachi a few months back at Dolmen Mall and goodness me (once again) what great shoes and at what great prices ! For lahoris though they have more than half a dozen stores ( I have visited one at MM Alam and its huuuuge) . And you know what …not a single pair of a Dagga joota


Shoe Planet offers three lines of shoes

– REGALÉ designer shoes for men.
– REEVA designer shoes for women.
– IMAC designer men’s Italian shoes.

And I’ll be talking about my love for the REGALE ! Shoe Planet’s Regale’s shoes I can easily say are the most comfortable shoes and completely in line with international trends and fashion ! One can’t resist resorting to just one #IdealPair 😀 ! and prices start from only Rs. 1990 !

Guess which one I got from Shoe Planet’s Dolmen Mall Clifton’s store ? This last suede laceup shoe … Mera #IdealPair 😀 ! Super Comfy man super super comfy… I will be posting my picture on Instagram soon.

Shoe Planet’s winter collection is here and they have made cool new ad featuring Ms. Amna Ilyas and super cool Tabish Oza. Watch it here and I really recommend you to check out their store !


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