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Winters, Bonfire and 7up !

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“La lalalahlahlaha..aehaeyyaehaey.. No, I am not trying to write a song here, it’s just that I can’t help myself getting this song out of my head. Honestly I am liking it actually.


Normally jingles for soft drinks never get my consideration, but when it comes to 7up, they are remarkably good in it. Innovative content and exclusive for 7up, this new jingle is yet another original song by the brand. This time they have raised their bench mark higher. Foodies love 7up, and that’s nothing hidden but now foodies are in love with #7upwinters jingle.

Apparently this time we are having some chilly winter nights here in Karachi and over the weekend I was at a reunion on a farm house in periphery of Karachi, the nippy night there, along with some hot& Spicy BBQ while having bonfire, 7up was the only thing everyone was looking for. And you can’t be asalfoodies if you are not having 7up with BBQ.  This new video of 7up is best thing happening this winter. First ever soft drink being announced in winters as well is a commendation to food, blessing for  somebody like me who are not that much a tea & coffee fans. This jingle compliments best to a winter night out with your foodie gang, bonfire, jamming, BBQ and obviously 7up. AimaBaig on other hand is the picture-perfect select for the video. Being young, a new rising talent and cute face, she is the true match for the jingle.

Over all this song is yet again another good connect with Food which 7up has a forte to create. Having your real foodie love during winters with 7up is a delightful experience itself. Well this doesn’t end here, neither it’s letting the foodies’ craving for more 7up end here. Stay connected to the blog and yours beloved 7up, some thrilling giveaways are being revealed soon for the foodies, to let them have food ka real love in winters as well with #7upWinters”


Author: umairhmirza


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