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Pepsi winks , smiles , laughs ! Pepsi bottles with Emojis

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Waking up and kick starting with sunny emoji’s on WhatsApp is something we all are somehow familiar with. Whether a smart phone user or still on the old phones, none of us leaves a chance to use emoji’s every now and then. None of us can deny emoji’s being part of our fundamental culture. As the say a picture speaks a thousand words, this approach has been recently adopted by Marketing Industry of big brands to communicate with their Millennials or as we say Generation Z. Use of Emoji’s has become a ubiquitous component of Intern and Social Media. Marketing Industry has named it “The Emojification of brand Advertising”.


Pepsi has recently launched its Emoji’s Bottles. I personally have liked the Pepsi emoji campaign #SayItWithPepsi, where you get all those wonderful emoji’s on the bottles which help you in voicing your thoughts for whom you occasionally don’t get adequate words. Whether it’s asking out on a date or sending out a kiss, showing fury on missing deadline or getting Monday blues.


Pepsi has emoji bottles are for every emotion, which helps you express your mood. Pepsi is escalating with its #Sayitwithpspsi campaign in USA and Thailand after a fruitful unveiling at Canada. I wish Pepsi Pakistan launches these wicked emoji bottles here real soon, it would be fun conveying the message with bottles themselves rather than using the word. We have already witnessed a sneak peek from Pepsi Pakistan of this campaign on world Emoji Day, which was quite an exhilarating one. Pakistani Youth who are very much active on social networking platforms, will be able to relate those emotions in real life.


I’m sure it will have lasting impact if Pepsi Pakistan brings the same dramatic campaign home soon.”


Author: umairhmirza


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