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Alif Ailaan – Putting Education at Front

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Alif Ailaan is a program and initiative to put education in front and centre of public discourse in Pakistan and that aims to improve the institutional conditions for rural areas. Alif Ailaan has taken a step to spread awareness about the problems and difficulties that current and potential students face and how the school property and possessions are being misused for personal gains.


Alif Ailaans Mission: “Alif Ailaan is a campaign for education reform in Pakistan. We work with parents, politicians and education providers to bring about meaningful and lasting change in Pakistan’s system of education.”


I just went through their website and facebook page and wow ! They are doing a phenomenal job and I wish and pray that they succeed in their program , because their success is Pakistan’s success!

Let’s talk about Wasu now ! Wasu Khan is a legend. His witty sense of observation to adversities in our society makes his words unique. Thank you Shehzad Roy for introducing us to Wasu. Below is a video of Wasu Khan, who has tried to explain these issues via his humorous yet eye opening poetry hoping to attract some reasonable attention of the audience towards education.

Enjoy the video and spread it as much as possible:


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