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Wardha Saleem’s Design Studio is fabulous

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Fashion Designer and CEO FPC Wardha Saleem has opened her Design studio, which is located at F-180/1, Park Lane, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi and my word .. it is BEAUTIFUL !

Wardha Saleem Design Studio offers a range of prêt, luxury prêt, formal and bridal ensembles. With prices starting from Rs.3,500 (no don’t rub your eyes I typed it right) the brand aims to be more accessible to a vast clientele, offering quality products and value for money.

The beautiful #wardhasaleemstudio

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The concept of Wardha Saleem Design Studio is a strong reflection of the brand. The vision is vibrant, eclectic and chic. From hand carved jafris to handmade flying birds, block printed panels and antique cabinets, it’s a strong reflection of the designer’s aesthetic. Designed by Alavi Designs, the space is set out and layered in terms of the clothing range the brand offers.

Wardha ki birdies over my head #wardhasaleemstudio

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At #wardhasaleemstudio ! Bohat mazay ka studio hai !

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The space is divided into two separate sections showcasing prêt/luxurypret and formal/bridal range.

The launch event was a well attended affair is one big understatement. I mean the front row of the either sides of the FPW was there.. or should I say ..the entire Karachi Fashion Industry was present there that day !

The launch event was organized by Production o21 .Media & PR for the event was handled by Takell.The digital media for the event was by Mindmap communications.

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