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The Fight for the last BITE

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Have you seen the Cheetos ad on our local TV channels ?. The ad is an amusing take on how a father and son, watching a Kung Fu movie, end up having a never ending Kung fu Finger fight to get hands on the last piece of cheetos in the bowl.

Well, you know what, if that had been me and my abbu in the ad, there probably wouldn’t have been any fight, it would instead go like “jao beta, tum khalo.” Haan ager it would have been my Ammi , trust me, we would have been having our Kung fu match. While writing I actually realized that OMG …There have been so many occasions where me and ammi have this “give it to me … no give it to me” fight, but fortunately or unfortunately , our fights are usually when some saas bahu phadda drama or current affairs show is on TV, and so our fights too end up like saas bahu giving kosnay to each other or Jasmine Manzoor having an intense discussion with Sheikh Rashid.

This cheetos ad is definitely a winner for me, and I hope that the other brands realize that their ads where kids are jumping in some park and munching on chips really need to up their game now

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One thought on “The Fight for the last BITE

  1. Loved the ad and cheetos k liae kuch bhi karay ga.

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