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Amp it up with Pepsi

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See for me (like many) to have a meal without some carbonated drink is impossible.. well almost impossible ! And that is what is probably why most soft drink makers have a rather similar ad campaigns going on .. All about food that is.

This new Pepsi TVC that features everybody’s favorite Syra and Feroz is a cool fun ad. Yes ! its all about food too but with its very own twist and to which many school, college and university goers must relate too.


All the places I have studied all my entire life, not a single canteen had to offer any good food. The Savior used to be and still is Pepsi to amplify that other wise blah samosas and bun kebabs.

Watch here the new Pepsi TVC and if you liked the ad, do comment. Oh and by the way, I just counted.. I have had pepsi thrice already in 1 and half day with my yesterday’s lunch, dinner and lunch right now .. :p #excitingAbhi campaign working .. lol


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