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Chocolate, Fashion and the Fabulous Music at the Magnum Party 2015

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Google: magnum party and you will see pictures from all across the fashion capitals of the world throwing extravagant and glamorous parties.


How can Karachi be behind. Magnum Party 2015 recently took place in country’s fashion capital and it was yes ! glamorous..  Yes ! extravagant and very chocolaty !


UMAIRICA was there to attend the party of the year and had the best time. I, dressed up in “Magnum” Brown jacket by Emraan Rajput, was one of the many attired in shades of brown.. while quite a few weren’t and which is absolutely fine. Its when in school where you are punished for not wearing white shoes on PT day.

Red carpet had this Creative Chaos selfie mirror, which itself was very fashionably designed. The sea breeze though made it a bit hard for a perfect selfie.

selfie mirror

selfie mirror

The party highlight was DJ Katrina from DUBAI, who played the best dance music and had everybody tapping and dancing.


The other highlight was the fashion. The best designers from Karachi and Lahore showcased their chocolate inspired collection and showcased their creativity … And no they were not there for “Business” and were not supposed to show their bridals or pret or high street (we have enough platforms for that!)

I liked Shehla Chatoor and Nomi Ansari’s collection the most .. They got it so right ! They very smartly executed their Magnum themed collection.


Rabia Butt in Shehla Chatoor.. bringing the moschino fast fashion flavor and giving it her Magnum sexy touch. And Noore bhatti’s magnum bars gown and that phenomenal magnum clutch.

Areeba Habib in Nomi Ansari .. that was so magnum pleasure store’s make your own magnum.. funky man funky.


Republic though was not very experimental. Every thing about republic was , I am not interested but I am still here .. The Best: The NGents styling. I want that Shahzad Noor’s Hairstyle..


Maheen Karim’s collection had nothing much chocolaty about it, but retro. Styling was of no help either.. it just added into the boring retro. What Sunita Marshall wore was the best of the collection.


Élan was good but a bit too over accessorized with jewelery. Colors were very my favorite Magnum’s chocolate cappuccino.. Models looked very glamorous!


There were very creative Fashion installations by Fahad Hussayn and Ali Xeeshan. although the lighting and allocation of those installations were not perfect.

What I absolutely loved was the choreography of the fashion show. The models played the bartenders role so good and they were definitely having the most fun on Katrina’s music. Frieha Altaf ..I Bow ! Thanks for a fantastic show, it was so interesting and entertaining from start till end.


I am actually out of words appreciating what next level magic RAKA people do with decor and all. 5/5 once again.

PR was handled by GOLIN. You guys are the best company one can ask for.

Conclusion : It was a fantastic night … Many though confused themselves this PARTY to a Fashion week.. and then there were who had issues with why everyone wasn’t wearing brown. I couldn’t but lol on them taking a party so religiously seriously.. and pinning pointing tiniest flaws .. as tiny as zara peerzada’s height..

Dear Magnum.. I am waiting for #MagnumParty16 already !


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