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The funny 7up Asal Foodie story

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Have you seen the animation video that 7up posted on their Facebook? I have and it’s funny and fantastic. Here is the link:

7up is on a roll! And this video just adds another feather in their cap for doing interesting stuff that has never been done before here. Their TVC jingle is so catchy and the most popular! (even my year old niece is a fan). Last year they flew in the best chefs from the world and did Manalo food ka love with 7up. This year we saw the Foodies cruise in Karachi, which is still my favorite event of the year and then 7Up Double-Decker Bus in different areas of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


The Clay animation video is full of Tafreeh! Made me question myself that what am I a bigger fan of? Chana chaat or Biryani. But yes, the constant does remain 7up for Asal foodies. You order BBQ or any desi food and 7up has to be there.

I am thinking that what if food in reality could talk .. But one thing I’m sure about is that meri Biryani won’t have the burger accent like this Miss Biryani with Mint crown on it has : D

Waisay guys which one is your most favorite? I have a feeling that Chaat will win the more votes


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