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Pepsi and Vital Junooni’s Chand Sitara

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There are many things in Pakistan to see. And it is these monuments that make our beautiful country stand out from the rest in the world. A lot of these places get left behind in the media and only few of the prominent ones are shown. But thanks to PEPSI, you can now visit all of these.

Pepsi recently came out with their video for the new song #ChandSitara. It’s a beautiful video that takes us on a picturesque journey through Pakistan and shows us all the beautiful sights and places through the eyes of a drone. Having shot through a drone was an ingenious idea which gives unique, and complete, angles to the shots.


Furthermore, what adds to the video is the new generation of history makers that make cameo appearances in the video. The video is a proof of not only the natural, architectural, and landscape beauty of our country, but also of the brilliant minds and people that make us proud by their achievements.


Pepsi has been one of those brands that has always embraced the Pakistan-iat of ours. It has highlighted our talent in numerous places, and is one of those few names working towards promoting a better image of our country. With such a unique concept for a video, by Shoaib Mansoor, and sung by Salman Ahmed and Shahi Hasan, this song is sure to melt hearts of the youth because it’s one of those up tempo songs that the current generation is into.

Watch the video here and live as one under this #ChandSitara


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