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All You Need Is Sputnik Shoes !

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Eid is near and if I had to recommend you a footwear this season, please note its Sputnik Footwear.


I recently visited their store at Dolmen Mall, Clifton and I can easily say that they have the most interesting and “good” looking traditional footwear to pick from.


I, who usually end up checking out stores after stores and end up buying nothing, the case wasn’t the same at Sputnik. I am getting something for my abbu as well from there.


You must check out their eid collection, that offers chappals, sandals and womens wear as well.

Sputnik is one of the very few Pakistani footwear brands that offers top quality leather shoes. Designing and retailing shoes since 1967, they have now in store their exclusive Veljee collection.

Veljee is their Made in Italy product that offers nothing but Luxury and sheer class! The Luxury doesn’t end here as also on Sputnik’s showcase display are absolutely original Valentino’s and Florsheim.

For men who might not be interested in the Luxury collection, but prefer something more casual/ Formal casual and extreme comfort, Sputnik has some Brazilian magic happening as well.

Their product Dressuals, which I also tried, I tell you are next level comfort experience. I particularly loved their Suede collection which is very trendy.

The affordable line of Sputnik is as good. Ranged between Rs. 2500 – Rs. 6000 and designs that you might have to pay double the amount at other stores is a must get.


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