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World’s Best Turkish Airlines has big plans for Pakistan


See let me be blunt about this. I don’t believe in paying a hefty amount of money on Iftar deals knowing that I usually fill myself with bucket full of sharbats and don’t eat much. But then I was already quite bored of the regular Iftar menu at home. How could have I then missed out on an Ifar dinner By Turkish Airlines at one of the finest Avari Towers?


Turkish Airlines, the number one ranked airline, hosted a special Iftar dinner for members of the Pakistani air logistics business community and for us on 23rd June, 2015 at Avari Towers in Karachi.

The Dinner was used as an opportunity to inform the audience of how drastically Turkish Cargo has expanded its business in the Pakistani market. Other than sheer love for Pakistan … Yes I was literally blown away by the sincere show of love from the Turks, Mr. Ali TurkSenior Vice President Cargo and Mr. Huseyin CeyhanRegional Cargo Director Asia Pacific, who flew in especially from Istanbul (not a big deal though, apnay he jahaz hein :D) for the event … it’s also the potential that this emerging and progressing market offers to them. Turkish Airlines have now replaced their narrow width planes with wide body aircrafts, creating more space for cargo. And what else, they are now all set to give a very tough time to the local competition. Let’s hope that this brings some slash in the price list overall and becomes more affordable for me to send mangoes to friends.

SVP Cargo at Turkish Airlines handing out a ticket to a lucky draw winner

Mr. Ali Turk, Senior Vice President Cargo wearing Ajrak

Following Iftar and dinner, a lucky draw took place where visiting cards of everyone who attended were picked from and two return tickets to Turkey were given out to winners. The event became the talk of the evening in Karachi, as the hashtag #TurkishAirlines became one of the top trending topics on popular social media networking website Twitter.

BFF .. Best Friends Forever

BFF .. Best Friends Forever

Star of the evening was the Airlines General Manager [North] Mr. Fatih Atacan Temel , which I and my fellow blogger Sidra, became instant friends with. Fatih is in Pakistan for past 6/8 months, and he is having a gooood time here. We talked Beren saat of Ishq e memnu and how she became an instant star after her appearance in some reality show. We talked about Turk, Italian and Pakisani food and we talked at length about the candy crush! Mr. Fatih btw is on level .. SEVEN HUNDRED ! Beat that! I have though yet to accept any of play this game requests on Facebook!

What I have planned?

To start playing & give all my candy crush lives to to Mr. Fatih if he offers me a free ride to Turkey that too in business class. #GreedyMirza


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2 thoughts on “World’s Best Turkish Airlines has big plans for Pakistan

  1. Turkish Airlines offer very good connections across the Atlantic and Europe and Turkey itself is a strategic partner in Pakistan in many projects. Long live Pak.turkey friendship.

  2. Great planning Umair and Hats off to Mr. Faith!


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