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The 3 minute Shan Foods ad is an emotional roller coaster ride

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It came, we saw and then we all cried ! That is what gher ki Biryani and Ma say doori does to you. Shan Foods Ad is a monumental hit TVC in Pakistan .. Last time, I remember, it was Rhythm of Unity Ad by Sutta company Morven Gold that was as massive a hit and that is almost 2 decades old story.

I liked the AD except for that bucket loads of crying by the chota bhai (reminded me of myself .. har baat pay rona macha deta hoon :P) and am actually blown away how viral it has become on Social Media (staggering 0.7 million views on Shan Foods page only). This ad was first launched on social media before coming on to TV. And I am quite sure that the ad companies and marketers must be thinking very hard right now of redoing their marketing strategies, and probably thinking of shifting their focus even more towards Digital Media.

Shan Foods then ! Apart from bara bhai cooking as good as ammi jan and adding into another bucket of tears by chota bhai , I am like , if cooking with Shan masalas is this easy ! I better give it a try too on some weekend ! Foodies shouldn’t just be expert at eating but be able to do more than just boiling eggs !

Just incase you haven’t seen the ad yet .. Here it is: (keep the tissue box around)

Do share your opinion on the ad


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