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What’s new in Clifton – Designer Adnan Pardesy’s New Studio

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Fashion Designer Adnan Pardesy’s clientèle is happy ..  Very Happy !  Adnan Pardesy has opened up a brand new studio space that too in Clifton, making it more accessible for the fashion lovers.

The very spacious and beautiful studio is located at ACM Tower G 21/22 Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road Block 8, Clifton Scheme 5 Karachi.


Speaking about the launch of his new standalone studio, designer Adnan Pardesy said, “We are super excited to be moving into a new space. Based on the valuable feedback of our clientele, we choose this new location in order to make our work more accessible to our patrons. The new Adnan Pardesy studio will have it all; Bridals, Couture and Semi Formals but by appointments only. The new studio space is just the first step in expansion of our label we foresee in the coming few years.”

Many Congratulations to Team Adnan Pardesy and may you come with more amazing and jaw dropping innovative collections like NONSTOP !

Some of the Pictures that I took of the studio, and my favourite of all was the trial room , which is huuuge and that very Adnan Pardesyish Chandelier.

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