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Day 1 Videos – Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week Spring / Summer 2015 – #TFPW15

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Nida Azwer

It was a very beautiful French Trellis collection By Nida Azwer. Desi meets French grandeur, almost perfectly.

Bank Al Falah Rising Talent

Rising Talent … only thing that is happening good from this is that one of the designers will be 0.5 million richer. I, though, suggest Bank Al-Falah to donate the amount instead in some better cause.

Lala Textiles

Loved the Lunch hosted by Lala Textiles 🙂

Sania Maskatiya

Sexy Pants all the way! Prints atleast I didn’t like much.


And the whites were very sexy whites, they must do it more.

Madiha Raza

She was at her best when she was a rising talent till last year, looks like she has more rising to do

Sadaf Malaterre

My word ! That was Sadaf Malaterre’s best ever on runway for me atleast !


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