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Live it Abhi with Pepsi


Cricket is our favorite game. We eat, sleep and even dream cricket. Gone are the days where fans would line up hours before a match to get tickets. The chance to catch a glimpse of their favorite sportsmen in action is now unimaginable.  That enthusiasm, the passion and fervor experienced then is something we now miss out on. At the World cup 2015 for instance, with the support that our team would’ve gotten had they played in Pakistan, we can’t not imagine it to have ended differently.

Teams perform their best when playing at home, an opportunity Pakistan has been missing for the last 6 years. Regardless of this fact this country is still churning out the best talent and impressing the world. Pepsi ad campaigns have definitely played a key role in igniting enthusiasm and excitement about cricket in the hearts and minds of everyone.

We all know Pepsi’s association with Pakistan Cricket is absolutely unmatched.  And their new song, #LiveItAbhi touches upon the very emotions that this country is going through and what a fantastic job Pepsi has done.


The song is dedicated to the never-ending love for the game which stems at a very young age! Cricket is the one sport we see being played by people of every age, in every corner of the country. It is the one thing that unites us all. The video revolves around the idea that if you have the determination to achieve what you want, nothing can stand in your way. It is about perseverance and giving your best by overcoming all odds!

The message received is about grabbing opportunities when you don’t have enough resources and not give up till the time you taste sweet success! It’s about the Pepsi Youth, full of passion, positivity and knows how to #LiveItAbhi.

Sure our cricket industry has suffered certain setbacks. Sure we lost the world cup. But that only strengthens the urge to get better. Our young champions have learnt not be repressed but shine brighter through every challenge. The idea is not to look for tried and tested ways to solve a problem, but create unique solutions, living life to the fullest, living it Abhi!


This song by Noori radiates energy and passion beautifully portraying the story of Pakistani Youth.
Check it out and let me know if this song made its way onto your play list or not 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Live it Abhi with Pepsi

  1. Great post. Even I liked the song very much. Cricket is so in our hearts. We live it.

  2. es song mein lerki ka nam kya h jo cricket khelti h..

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