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We styled it up for SPLASH – #STYLESTRUCK


Fashion / Style Bloggers internationally are regularly seen collaborating with Designers and Brands, but in Pakistan, we don’t see that happening at all. Bloggers may have been collaborating for the campaigns promotions and all but being part of the campaign it self .. hardly ever!

10505492_774322115949343_3076203489044401914_nThis winter though came a surprise for 4 of the bloggers, including myself, where Middle East’s Top Fashion retailer brand SPLASH Fashions showed interest in collaborating with us to be part of their #StyleStruck campaign and create looks from their A-M-A-Z-I-N-G winter collection. And of course there was no question of saying a no to such fantastic opportunity.

The Bloggers

The Bloggers


The Splash Style Struck Campaign asked bloggers to not just style themselves but also the Splash fans who won the opportunity by registering on AK Galleria’s Facebook Page. AK Galleria are those great people who have brought SPLASH Fashions to Pakistan.

The Fans

The Fans

My experience:

What an experience it was! Laila Mehkri of The Happy Therapy and I along with fans after a quick briefing from the SPLASH Fashions began our fashion games.


Wow! Splash’s Winter collection with huge range of clothes, made a life a little difficult, cuz I felt like styling it up all. Casuals, sporty casuals, formal, formal casual and endless accessories, I actually ended up doing 4 looks for myself and 3 for Inash Jinia, the Splash Fan. Inash was so good, I won’t be surprise If he gets modelling offers after this Style Struck campaign.

Here are the looks that I did for myself


And the looks for the fan, Inash Jinia.

Inash Jinia

Inash Jinia

The styling and the shoot which was an almost a full day affair and ended up with whole set of new friends, was definitely the best thing that happened for me in 2014.

The Splash team , The Bloggers and the Fans

The Splash team , The Bloggers and the Fans


The campaign is right now running on social media and now that winter has somehow made a comeback and just incase you pick something that I or Inash wore, do share a picture 😀

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2 thoughts on “We styled it up for SPLASH – #STYLESTRUCK

  1. You did a great job at styling Umair! I am so jealous 😀 you look amazing!

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