Fashion & Lifestyle !! – 1st Bloggers Meetup

Leave a comment organized its first bloggers meetup a couple of weeks back at their workplace. The idea was to let the bloggers know how things actually go about at, which included a trip to their ware house, have a look at their studios and how sexy is their office that too in one of my favorite buildings in Karachi , Dolmen Executive Towers, which is by the sea… ooooh.

Daraz logo

Though we couldn’t make it to the warehouse, which was somewhere in Korangi, we were left impressed with everything that we saw at’s workplace. Other than that,’s Marketing manager, Shamail Wasi, gave a short presentation which ended with a Q&A session.

Production - Model Studio

Production – Model Studio

Shamail shared with us some interesting information like urban centres actually make upto 40% of sales and remaining are by the not so urban parts of the country, which was very very surprising… People do have access to internet beyond Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and they not just facebook and instagram from it.

Rabiyah, Umair, Cyrus, Shamail, Rameez, Daraius has as many women online shoppers as men. So yeah, women are as tech savy and ofcourse how can women be behind when its shopping.

Customer Service

Customer Service

One of my question was that why even a need of selling dove shampoo online, when it is available on every shop millimetres away from my home or anywhere. I was made to realize that Pakistan doesn’t begin and ends on Karachi. The ratio of online purchases of products likes cosmetics and shampoos and other households is very high in rural and not so developed cities unlike in urban centres.



The evening ended with a refreshment and the meetup was arranged by Pitch Media Inc.



Author: umairhmirza


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